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    Hi, I'm Casey from Adelaide Australia. I ride an Avanti Alloy 26" mountain bike fitted with a "Rotary" brand 30cc 200watt maximum powered, ethenol fueled 2-stroke "street legal" bicycle engine, with a maximum uphill speed of around 25kph. The "Rotary" all steel engines are imported from Germany and assembled in Australia, spare parts are readily available from the manufacturer, and certain State Dealer bicycle shops in most States of Australia. Rotary are the "Rolls Royce" of street legal 30cc 200watt max. bicycle engines which is reflected in it's price of A$1550 for the DIY kit, but having tried ALL the 'el cheapo' Chinese Aluminium engines in the past - "Zbox" "Skyhawk" "Starfire" etc. etc. found that if you want reliability in all weather and no daily maintenance - such as re-tightening - drive chain, engine mounts, head bolts, and whatever ? then it pays for itself in the long run. Another good point is that the Police leave you alone, because the "Rotary" is street legal in most States of Australia !!
    Before the Chinese "el cheapo aluminium 1+Kw" engines came along I was using converted chainsaw, whipper-snipper & lawn mower engines as illegal bicycle motors...........