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    Hi, my name is Jacdanyells, I have a 66cc bike which I put together with a Wal Mart bike. The whole thing cost me under 300.00 dollars which i was quite impressed with. I live in Toronto, Canada so winter is just around the corner which is a bummer, because this thing runs great for the money. I have been riding it all summer and have learned a lot about them. As long as your prepared to do regular maintenance, this thing is fairly reliable. After riding about a month solid the bike started to lose a lot of power. I read your forum and discovered that if the muffler gets clogged that is what happens. Because my HT's baffle is welded in the muffler you cant get it out to clean it. So I drilled a small hole in the top of the muffler and wow, this thing has even more power than when it was new, as long as you dont mind a little more noise. Anyway, thanks for your help, this forum is worth its weight in chinese gold.

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    Hi Jac, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Hello everyone

    name is richard from PA. Ride a 80cc engine brought from luckyearlybird motors.
    read many articles here on air leaks and clutch adjustments before posting here.
    install my motor last week every thing went fine,bike rides ok.
    except can't get bike to idle at stop light. barrel in carb goes up and down smoothly,
    also intall 0 rings in carb.really stuck now any one have any suggestions,can use all help.
    bike revs very high when i pull clutch handle in.

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    jacdanyells - can you post a pic of your muffler modification?
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