Introduceing myself


go you good thing

Hi all,

Firstly I must thank everyone for all the posts on this site.

They have been critical in getting my bike to an almost ready state. I intend to finish it tomorrow and start it for the first time! :D

I wont bore you with the details but I am a self employed computer tech and network engineer but my clients have had to wait as I have been building my bike up over the last couple of weeks and they have been demoted to the background.

While going to a job i find myself ducking into the motorbike shop to pick-up a quality kill swith, searching for the recommended spark plug etc.

I am installing the motor on a 26" cruiser frame that is wider and not standard at all so have been back to these forums many times for advice.

I hope for my wife and kids sake that by finishing my bike tomorrow we can get our life back!

Thank you all once again.




a very enthusiastic username, and an entertaining can i resist?

hi, go you good thing (too funny), i advise motoredbikes for the whole family, problem solved :LOL:

welcome to the MBc 8)

go you good thing

Thanks for the suggestion augidog.

I used your idea on the family and after initial abuse I think they are warming to the idea of building a bike for each of them.

Used the typical sales pitch you know..... help to walk the dogs more.... more family time..... spend more time with dad etc.

I have been thinking of how I can mount a motor on my 5yo sons 16" BMX.

Aaaahh their is always a fun project to go on with.