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    Hello All,
    My name is Michael, but most call me "Big Cat Daddy". I live in summit county Colorado at 9800 feet, thin air and many hills. For 10 years, I have owned an "Ego" electric scooter and I love it. The problem is that for most of that time I lived in Key West Fl, which is flat as a pancake. I was able to get about a 20-mile range even though I am 270lbs. Now that I live in Colorado with lots of hills, I get maybe 1.5 miles in range. I would like to avoid using my car at all this summer unless I absolutely need to and I know that my electric scoter is not going to fit my needs. I am about 4.5 miles from work and after a 10 hour day I am just to beat to do the climb back home with just my peddle bike.
    I have a KHS mountain bike that I want to install a 4-stroke gas motor on. The bike has a steel frame so it should have no problem with my size and a motor mounted on it. From what I have read the 4-stroke will give me better performance and run smother and quieter. I have looked at most sites that sell 4-stroke engine kits and found one that seems perfect for my needs. The Grubee Skyhawk 4G T belt drive 49cc motor kit; however everywhere I look it is out of stock. I did find an EZ motor kit that is made in the USA and it is a 4-stoke but it is almost 2X the price. I have no problem spending the money if the quality and performance justifies it. Especially because I want to make this my primary mode of transportation and I want it to last, I might even use it in the winter. (I learned that lesson on quality the hard way with my electric scoter, first I bought cheap china made scooter for around $600 and it fell apart in less than three months. I then bought the "Ego" for $1100 and it has been good to me for over 10 years. I guess it is true that you get what you pay for. Buy it on price; you might pay twice!)
    I am open to any suggestions or thoughts that anyone wants to share with me. I am leaning towards a 4-stroke of good quality, belt drive if possible, and a kit that allows me to keep the bike geared for when I use the peddles. Although I know that once I put the motor on it, I will most likely only do my peddling at the gym.
    I just found this site yesterday so I have not had much time to go over it. I am sure that I will find a lot of helpful information and tips. Thank you in advance for anyone's help or suggestion. I hope I have followed the guidelines for this post and that I am compliant with the rules.

    Michael "Big Cat Daddy" Larson
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    welcome to the forum..
    that's a lot of info ..good
    this is just the welcome station..
    you should search the post, then post your question.
    we are glad to have another member...
    you will find lots of help here..
    enjoy and good luck.
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