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    This is a dual membership. My husband and I are C & J. We are in our late 60's and building our first motorized bikes. We have the kits but have been struggling to find just the bike to use for each. We are buying used so the selection is limited. :) We have too many women's bikes. The first man's bike we bought was too tall. Learn as we go, now we see how that's done. Can't do any more work until it stops raining. Going to hit the forum and learn. Thanks for letting us in.

    We bought 2 Grubee Skyhawks 66cc. We have had one of them on 3 bikes without completing the installation. It fit on the woman's bike but it seemed it would be better on a men's bike. No use wasting the back rack for a gas tank when we wanted them for grocery shopping. Plus, I would feel better having a bar over the engine to help me avoid bumping it.

    We haven't ridden in eons and are slowly getting our sea legs. We will not be able to take the bikes on the road until we buy some more 6' chain-link. The dog goes over the fence to come with me. He will allow my husband to ride, though. This motorized bike project is getting more expensive by the day. :eek: The Amazon Wishlist is growing fast.

    We are still looking forward to our first ride. It is 8.4 miles to the grocery.

    It's fun to have something new to look forward to doing.

    See ya'll on the Forum,
    Janice of C & J

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    link to another forum

    Thanks for the link.

    C & J
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    Welcome to MBC

    Some ongoing pictures of you build projects would be most welcome to.
    Some of our expereinced builders will be able to offer suggestions if we can see the bikes.

    All the Best