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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lucianomi, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. lucianomi

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    Hi guys im new in the forum, im from argentina, i have a beach cruiser with an 48cc engine, nt carb, and standard pieces, its the most cool thing ever happened to me! hahaha iv foud this forum on the net, unfortunatelly (is it well written) sorry mi english, its no so good, here in arghentina, theres no much info or parts to be bought, so sometimes i end up using cyclomotor parts (mopeds?) i hope i can find a lot of info here than can help me get out of trouble and i hope i can do the best to make te same thing for others! thanks for the ti9me and here is a pic of mi bike, it used to be yellow but now iv painted it black, cause it makes me feel badass lol!

  2. professor

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    Welcome to Motoredbike Luci.
    Looks warm where you are!
  3. lucianomi

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    Hi professor! thanks for the welcome! it´s luciano by the way, im a man! yea it is warm down here, im from argentina, its summer, its the last country down on southamerica, it´s next to chile!
  4. darwin

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    Welcome to the forum. Gotta love a good bowl of chile w/crackers!
  5. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Thats a nicer cruiser. The battery attached to the frame powers the headlight?
  6. lucianomi

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    Hey! Thanks, im trying to make it look better, still missing the "mud defenses(?)" dont remember the word for it, in spanish its "guardafangos" (mud saver?) well the thing thats prevents you from getting splatered by the wheels, and a better wiring of the batteries, next step is to install a "dynamo" with a dc converter for charging the battery, its a 6v 4ah battery, keep the lights on during traffic stops and last bit no less, moddify the exhaustiva to make it go al the way back instead of having it below the peddals and throwing oil all over the backwheel, the engine its a 48 cc chinese, the brand here its "moskito" but in the voz said "pontiello" wich have me confused, but my guess is that its the same kit that some of you call HT or happy times, doesnt look "strong made" the forum, thanks for the welcome!