Introducing myself from Spokane, Wa.

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    Hi all,
    After reading the goings on here for quite some time I finally joined. I've built up around 10 MTb's for myself and friends over the past 3 years- all of them with the 66cc Grubee chinese engine kit. I'm a fulltime college student with 2years left and this is has been a great hobby for me while in school.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone here and contributing to the cause. If theres anyone here from Spokane, I'm always looking to get out and do some riding.

    Lastly, for those who have had problems with these little chinese motors, I've never had a single mechanical failure due to the engine. I've found that by running a quality synthetic 2 cycle oil at a ratio of 16:1 will keep them running for a long time. Common sense goes a long way with these little engines- No High Speed stuff, Keep the revs decent, never ride faster than you're willing to eat pavement, Obey all state and local laws to ensure we dont put our hobby in jeapordy, be an ambassador to for Mtb's and We'll have them around for many years to enjoy.

    Again, I look forward to being involved in the MTB

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    Hey,sorry not in Spokane. I also like the Grubee but recently motor sciezed up. Piston ring broke,bound up in cylinder wall and ended up in crank. That's my only complaint.

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    Hey lazieboy your bike looks almost identical to mine. Did you have any carb clearance issues? The first day i got my kit my friend (who is supposed to be a expert on small engines) took my jug off and broke my piston ring trying to put it back on. It was then that i figured out he was no expert. I yanked it away and saw he wasnt lining the ring with the notch. So yesterday my new rings from Dax came in problem solved lol.
    Scottybotty what kind of synthetic 2 cycle oil do you usually run? Im trying to decide myself which kind to use.
  4. Scottybotty

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    I've been running Silverfire PJ1 since I first started building. A local Motorcycle/moped mechanic told me its the best. All of engines have run cool even during the hottest parts of summer and I've never had a problem. Good stuff!!! I think the key here is using a high grade synthetic. Good luck with your new rings...... Why did he pull the jug???
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    Sorry to hear about your siezed engine. Hopefully you found the cause and have been able to get it fixed. Another great thing about these little engines is the price to repair. Ps. Nice looking bike!!!
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    Well, $110 for parts and extra gaskets.(free shipping) to get it going again, or $179 for new kit (not free shipping) and I'll have spare parts from old motor. Or a little more than $200 for one with pullstart and centrifugal clutch. $$Hummmmm$$$:confused:
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    yea he pulled the jug he was curious. Next time he can be curious with his own engine lol.