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    Hey all...
    Thought I'd best hook up with this site since I'm into motored bicycles.
    I got started into this due to a desire for a Johnson Motor Wheel bike about 3 years ago. Then found out that the Johnson's were no where in the vacinity of my wallet's capability. A friend had been into Whizzers, and I found that these were a little bit easier on the old cow hide. I currently have 2 Whizzer bikes and 3 more kits eager to power something. I really like scratch building my own "contraptions", I'm on my 4th right now. I like the pre '20's motorcycle look, the older the better. I tried to get a Steffey, but was out gunned on that one. So I will just build my own version.
    I hail from the Chicago West suburbs, and can't wait till spring...
    best to you all,

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    Hi Brian, there are more than a couple of you guys from Chicago on board. Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    I wish someone would shoot that groundhog so it couldn't see shadows anymore, this is the time of year when we wonder if winter will ever end.