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  1. Charade

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    Hello! I have just gotten into the world of motor biking. My car has been out of commission, and I need a way to get to work and other places in the meantime while I work to get my car fixed. I discovered bicycle engine kits, and began reading this forum and information online. I ordered a Zoom Bicycle, 80/66cc. What they didn't tell me (or maybe what I wasn't aware of), Was that I needed a lot more tools and supplies than I had. I know that getting a better carburetor, spark plug, and other performance mods are important, but at this point I just need basic transportation. I had just bought a Walmart (oh noez!) Roadmaster 18 gear Mountain Bike a week before. I spent too much time trying to put this together before I realized that there is not enough space in the frame for the carburetor to fit normally on the engine - which does just fit, the handle bars are too thick for the clutch to fit. (I modded it with a v shaped hand workout squeezer but I don't think that's very safe), There is no bike shop in the area that is still in business, btw.

    Please Understand:

    I have decent electronic modding experience but ZERO mechanical experience, at all, none.
    I have no transportation other than a bike, that doesn't work all that well (walmart, go figure)
    I go back to work 2/8/2011 at 5pm, it is 9.4 miles away from my home.
    I can get to a Home Depot and a Target about 2 miles away, that's about it
    I have very very limited funds. At this point I only have $20-25 to spend on getting this running. I am already planning to spend 5 on a chain breaker.
    I don't have a drill (manual says its needed for the throttle into the handle bars) however I *might* be able to borrow one for a few minutes, but that is a long shot. Work around if possible?

    Basically, in my situation, what is necessary to get me going? Any and all help is appreciative! :sweatdrop:

  2. professor

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    Better leave the bike alone. You need to get there.
    Be glad you are not up here in the snow.
    My 2 cents is find a bike the kit will fit in. Secondhand is fine.
    I like mountain bikes- good brakes, big tires, a suspension fork would be real nice as would a real seat (rather than the jokes that they call "seats" now) and suspension seat post (not expensive).
    What do you need a chain breaker for? The drive chain?
    If you use the supplied chain tensioner- lock it in place mechanically somehow, so it doesn't turn and destroy your spokes or self.
    I would put a small weld on it or an added strap to the upper rear down tube.
  3. GearNut

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    Leave your current Wally World bike alone. Unless you have mad fabricating skills (you all ready said you don't) the engine will never fit.
    I agree with professor, use the bike for transportation as it is until you can find and afford a proper bike that will accept the engine kit. You will come out way ahead financially and headache wise if you do it this way. Look at yard sales, thrift stores, newspaper classifieds, ect. for bike that will work.
    Also the chain tensioner tip that professor shared is priceless! Those darned tensioners have ruined many rear wheels and caused alot of road rash.
  4. Charade

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    Thanks for the replies! Now, the chain breaker was to take two links out of the chain, which is a tad too long. Also, I may not have any mechanical experience but I am very creative however. So this is what I did - I unscrewed the air filter cover, which was the only part of the engine that wouldn't fit under the top of the frame. There was a guy here that has the same bike as me that cut off the tubes, but I don't think he took the whole thing off.

    I found the filter inside and a circular plastic piece that fits in between. I just modded it so that everything is still on the carburetor in the right places, just without the cover with the tubes. Now will this affect performance? It doesn't look like it would factor too much but what do you think? The whole engine plus the carb with it off fits now.
  5. GearNut

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    So long as there is absolutely no way that the incoming air can bypass the air filter element you should be ok. If unfiltered air can enter the engine it will have a much shorter lifespan.