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    Just wanted to take a moment to say hello.

    I live in New Port Richey Florida, I'm 40 (How did that happen?) I have been unemployed for a year now and decided to learn about engines.

    My other interests include photography, firearms, and wood working. I also build custom guitars.

    This is all new. I've never driven anything other than a car. I can't even ride a bike. And to top it off, my hips and knees don't work so well, so I had to build a "low rider" bike. 20 inch wheel in the back, 26 inch wheel in the front.

    The bike parts I am using are all trash can finds. Very suburban Mad Max. All I had to buy was the engine - 60cc skyhawk. I believe I shall have to do a fair amount od "hammer redesign" to the bike frame to get the engine to fit. It should be fun.

    The forum has been a lot of help to get me started.


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    Hello from old guy in St. Petersburg Florida