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    Quick introduction.

    Since I live in Idaho where it really doesnt rain in the summer, it seems like building an e-bike might be a worth while project.

    Its rather silly how I ended up thinking about building an e-bike. Quite a while back, I built a Ferris wheel for my daughters barbies. She loved it but has since decided she wants a roller coaster to go along with it. When researching how to do it, I read a suggestion on doing a maglev coaster. While researching maglev systems I became facinated in magnets and from there, facinated in DC motors. I thought it would be fun to build a DC motor and started looking in to it. But I needed something to use the motor, which is how I ended up here.

    So here I am.

    Hello to everyone.

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    Hi Big. Welcome!
    You have your work cut out for you.
    I just use what is available and cheap.