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    Hi Tom. Nice website you've put together. I design power convertrers and inverters. Your website came up on google while searching for PM motors (the thread on halback motor came up).
    I've designed bi-diectional inverters for jet turbine starter/generator applications. I'm interested in applying the technology for bicycles because the power levels, 5kW to 15kW, are similar.
    Looks like a lot of members on this list are into internal combustion and a lot of great work has been done there, but it's just not my interest. Electric drive is where I'm at. My own bike is powered by my leg muscles.

    Darrell Hambley
    SENTEK Engineering

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    there is an electric segment of this community. With possible troubles ahead for internal combustion engines, then maybe the electric community will grow.
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    electric is the future !!! Just need some good engineering !!!