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    Hi, I'm new. I'm in So California and I don't have a motor driven bike yet.
    I'm looking at different systems and have a couple questions. I hope no one minds if I ask here first.

    Which system is the easiest to stop the motor and use as a normal bike? I'm almost sold on the belt drive but I'm concerned that removing the belt all the time will be a hassle.

    The second concern I have is I need to keep my bike in my apartment. Has anyone done this and is the smell of gas a problem?

    Third, I'm a little torn about registering the bike as a moped and then being subject to laws like brake lights, motorcycle helmet and not being permited in the bike lane. Also, even if I register by mail, I don't think they will let me take the test on a bike since it lacks certain required equipment. Anyone else in So Cal skip the registration and take their chances? Anyone know the fine for riding an unregistered motorbike.


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    Welcome to MBc. You will finds loads of info here that will help you. Glad you found us.
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    Welcome to MBc,

    Can only answer the 2nd concern, I keep mine indoors and has not bothered me. It might bother some visitors so I just put the bike outside till they leave.
    If ya smoke, common sense would be to have some ventilation and put a old towel over the fuel tank.
    Another motoredbike owner I know carries their bike to an upstairs apartment.
    Electric bikes are heavier to carry BTW.

    All the Best

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    Another mid ager re-discovering youth!
    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Thank you, I also live upstairs but I don't think the extra 15 pounds will be a problem. Covering the motor & tank is good idea.
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    haha, the 200mpg + easy parking are nice too.
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    Hi Kenster. Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great crash course post "link" to get you started.
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    Hi, thanks. I did read that before posting. I was unable to find the answers to my questions. There was good general info there though. I also found a good thread about Caliifornia registration but details about fines were not in it.
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    You might detect a wee smell coming thru the air cleaner but you can close the choke to eliminate that. Also for an engine cover a large cheap shower cap works well. Also good to have two on board (one for the seat and one for the engine) for when the bike might have to sit in the rain.

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    Thanks, that's a good tip about the air cleaner. I forgot the carb is normaly open. Closing the choke and puting a plastic bag over it, as long as it's not hot should do the trick. I don't think breathing gas fumes is too heathy so if I smell anything I have balcony I can use. It's just difficult to get to a couple months out of the year when my AC is in.
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    I used to keep my motorcycle in my apartment. I got busted by the maintenance man. Does your leas say they can come in anytime??? Or do they have to make an appointment? Maybe electric is for you.
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    They have to give advanced warning. I don't recall seing anything in my lease about that. The electric are a bit expensive and range limited from what I've seen.
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    welcome to MBc!

    hello kenster, glad you found us... here is a good thread to check out... good luck and happy motoring!:grin: we have 2 bikes in our kitchen lol no fumes and we smoke too lol...i can say having been an apartment owner/ manger in my lifetime that i would think they would frown on it...we used to have an underground storage area where a guy could store such things...enjoy the ride...:smile:
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    Thanks Quay, that forum is very helpful.
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    Welcome to the forum.