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    My son and I recently pulled an old mountain bike out of the rafters and mounted the 80cc 2-stroke to it. It has been an interesting and fun experience. We continue to tinker with it.


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    it sounds like you picked the wrong name. lets ride!
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    Learning Curve

    We've now put a hundred miles or more on the bike riding around the college town we live in (Conway,AR) and the two most apparent problems are
    1. The bike is to small for my son and I and it is a mountain bike which tends to tip a rider forward and put more weight on our hands than I'd prefer.
    2. The vibration is still an issue. We've tried placing some 1/8 inch rubber sheets between the mounts the bike tubes, but either we've used the wrong type, or we need much thicker rubber. We probably won't attach this on this bike. We may sell this one and try buying a larger cruiser style bike and see if we like its comfort better.

    It seems to me that a 3 wheel recumbent would be an interesting project to motorize. I do worry about its visibility though. Strobe lights might be necessary on one of these.
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    i see alot of people using some sort of vibration/harmonics dampening materials. i've tried a few and found that a properly mounted and tight motor mounted directly to the frame creates less vibration. shove that thing down in the v as far as shell go and make sure your mounts rest completely on the frame, may take a file to get it just right.just what i found on my mb