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    My name is Jim and I am looking to get into the motorized bike world. I saw a motorized bike coming home from work in Carlsbad California and I was hooked. I am looking to use it to commute to work part time (40 miles round trip). I have been reading all I can about motorized bike and have a mountain bike that I am going to use. Will be starting the project within a few months, will be buying a 49cc 2 stroke kit and am very intrigued with the jackshaft shift kit. Will be following this message with many questions as they arise.

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    Hi Jim and welcome aboard.

    You'll find all sorts of helpful info here.

    The only thing that I'd say is don't wait a couple of months. These bikes are worth their weight in gold. And time's a wastin'. You really do want to get your bike built and start riding. You won't be sorry.

    We'll see you around.