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    Hello motorized bike community, I am a current high school student looking to put a motor on one of my bikes. I have done some research and found out that in Pa, your engine cant exceed 50cc? is that true? because there are some good deals online for 80cc engine kits and I was wondering what else I would need to do legally to ride this without any beef from the pigs (cops). I have a valid Pa drivers liscense..

    Thank you

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    Yes, the 50cc limit is true in PA. Other legal requirements in your state can be found with a little search effort here. I'll tell you this - those "good deals" on eBay for "80cc" engines need to be looked at really, really carefully.

    First - nobody, and I do mean NOBODY sells an 80cc 2-stroke gas engine kit for bicycles. Second, lots of people claim they do, and they are all liars - if they'll lie about one claim, do you think maybe they'll lie about others? Most of those so-called 80cc engines are around 66cc in reality. There are engines available under 50cc that will do an adequate job of powering your bike.

    I'd suggest you spend a minimum of one week thinking carefully about what you want the bike to do for you, research those goals and what it will take to reach them - there is NO better resource anywhere for that research than this forum. Once you have set realistic goals, then research ways/means to reach them.
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    Hey Erms..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to MBc..Simons right..wait and research...(I wish I had of..I could have made better choices of the right motor and cc to suit the bike) Go to the VENDOR forum and get a local guy so you can access him..if they are connected to MBc they are already in to help..Good Luck.
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    Thank you g uys