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  1. harley

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    Hi Everybody!
    I am new to this hobby, I'm looking for some help on making a selection on a motor for my 20 year old schwinn high plaines mountain bike with a 21 inch frame. I've been looking on the internet and I am very confused about what brand of motor I should purchase. I know I want a 80cc 2 stroke motor. Input would be greatly appreciated.


  2. professor

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Boy, what a task that is. I was considering the same thing for a while.
    I suggest you begin with the vendor review section. Also, go to Utube and watch some videos on different bike motor setups.
    The HTs do need tinkering with while the 4strokes usually do not, from what I gather here.
  3. datsonovic

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    try the cheap chinese stuff first, most of the time the "name" brand product comes from thw same floor.
    It`s about a quarter the price and (so far so good), "It goes like a banshee."

    Not sure if it is any help though?