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    I'm using the handle V 35 [ you old guys would remember the V 35 aka
    Beechcraft Bonanza ] one flew over the shop, hence the name.

    I'm 58, overweight, own a power equipment repair shop, love powered stuff. Owned a motorcycle when it was literally the cheapest way to get around, these days, not in budget. I like bicycling, but never seem to have time for it. The concept of a powered bike is appealing.

    I first saw one blast past the shop, must of been doing at least 40 MPH,
    and I wondered what it was, not a moped for sure ! Tried a Moped once, hated it ! Worthless as a pedal bike, too fat and clumsy.

    A couple weeks ago, I saw a parked Mt bike with a Grubee Skyhawk,
    fell in love ! Went out and bought a Schwinn Sidewinder [ used, very nice ]
    and am looking to power up.

    I live in Massachusetts, shipping from CA is wicked expensive, I prefer US Mail to ' wait for the truck ' UPS, FedEx, and the like.

    Hearing lots of issues with the Rag Joint [ sandwich sprocket ] vibration,
    short rear wheel life, ect. The concept of a sprocketed axle sounds good, so does the clamshell brace. Any builders running these, are spoke tear outs the result of a poor design, or abusive riding ?

    Had some ideas, stuff frame with foam peanuts, Fiberglass lay up on rear wheel, add Dynamat [ sound deadener ] to frame tubes. Lace up wheel
    [ sprocket axle ] with BMX, or dirt bike spokes. Complete Dirt Bike handlebar setup, [ kit controls look flimsy ] Exercise bike saddle.

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    Welcome to the forum. The rag joint and other parts that come with a kit will hold up on an unmodified motor. Once you begin to hop up the motor with expansion chambers and such, the kit parts begin to fail.