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    Not sure if I have made an intro before, but anyway what I have is a 1930's
    Columbia Mens bike. Looks more like an Indian or Harley motorcycle style of
    the 1920's. By this I mean that the tank is straight and so are the handlebars,
    not at all "art deco" like the Schwinns, Elgins,Monarks and others with the
    simulated gas tanks being curved.
    My plan is to install an engine just like was done on the whizzer bikes, but I
    need a gas tank built to look more like the early motocycle tanks and not the round or curved whizzer type tank.
    As soon as I can get to know how to post pictures, I will do it. Any help would
    be appreciated !

    The tank on the bike right now is just a simulation like other bikes which were
    made to look like motorcycles. It was never meant to hold fuel .

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    Welcome to MBc,

    There are many pictures in Gallery, and if you are building your MB, you can start a thread and keep it on-going as you build, just keep posting pictures.
    So your entire project is on one thread that you started.
    Of course, read threads from other members, ask, answer, offer advice from what you know and so on.

    As far as learning to post a pictures here, I'm sure you have a camera, upload the pictures from the camera to a folder on the pc, and from the pc to the upload functions that are on this forum.

    However, we do recommend that the file format of your pictures on your pc be converted to thumbnail before you upload to the forum. This is entirely an optional ideal, it's up to you.

    To get a free picture thumbnail converter, go to this web address
    Have a go a few times, it's relatively simple.

    All the Best
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    JOE GARZA New Member

    New Project

    To BoltsM,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Will start checking out other threads and begin posting pictures.
    San Antonio weather is hovering 98'F -100"F....expecting cool
    front of 90'F soon.:sweatdrop, so I can go out & begin project !

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