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    I've had a GT5 80/66cc motor I've been tweaking on for about a year now as a side project to the other side projects. My 52 chevy truck and 2007 Triumph Bonneville. Its getting warmer so now I can start working on stuff.

    Its been fun but I really need to get this thing going. I'm hoping this site can steer me towards the right direction.

    I've just installed a Dellorto Carb 15m and got the engine to start with smaller jets than stock. Still wont maintain torque under load and stalls if I dont pull the clutch in time.

    I'll post this problem in more detail on a Dellorto thread I came across if anyone wants to help.

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    hello from North West Arkansas

    Working on my first build still:

    Black Huffy Panama Jack Frame
    GT5 80/66cc motor
    15m dellorto carb
    Brown Fatty Tires

    Looking to get this thing going soon.