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    I'm *Geezer because my other hobby is astronomy... and, because I'm old and retired! I've been riding regular pedal bikes all my life and love to bicycle tour. I've ridden all over the U.S. and decided in 2010 to add a motor to one of my recumbent bikes so I could continue to tour big miles. I added a GEBE kit to my Bacchetta Giro, making very minor modifications, and have put over 9,000 miles on it in 2 years. Last summer, my big trip was from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, through the Cascade and Sierra Mtns. following an Adventure Cycling route... 2,643 miles with over 140,000 ft. of elevation and the little Tanaka PF-3300 worked perfectly, as I pulled my trailer up and down the mountains. It was a memorable trip made all the better with the engine assist. When touring I normally ride 150-200 miles per day and carry equipment for camping, but often stay in motels for the convenience. I'm 63 and live in Modesto, the central valley of CA. The longest day I've had without the engine was 206 miles (with 3 hrs. in the dark). With the engine, 267 miles, all in daylight hours. I still kayak and fish, but riding my bikes is by far my main hobby. It's just great fun.

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    Welcome, nice looking bike.
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    It seems you'll be able to advise a lot of people who are planning trips.
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    That's an awesome looking ride and some really good sounding adventures!
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    I'd be happy to help those who want to tour. I know the basics fairly well with 40 years of bicycle touring behind me. Maps from Adventure Cycling Association, a non-profit in Montana, are also very helpful for those wanting to stay on routes that are well travelled by bicycles. They have over 40,000 miles mapped out in the U.S. Their website is also very helpful with GPS waypoints available for free.

    Actually, I keep a list of things needed for different kinds of tours, depending on length, season, location. I can share that if anyone is interested.

    I'm hoping to learn some new things here. I was up 'till 1 this morning reading some threads. I may be able to help others with things I've learned about my GEBE unit as well. I have been impressed with its simplicity, reliability and durability.