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    Bones here. I've been reading this forum for about a month and finally decided to commit and become one of the assimilated. :bowdown: Such a great thing you have going here, folks; truly.

    Just getting into the 'craze' & have a lot to learn & lot of fun to have. Not sure when I'll have time to indulge myself - definitely looking forward to the decadence that is a motoredbikes discussion piece though. Thanks to all that have contributed to provide such a base from which to pull, and to the administrators for keeping it so. Best of all to you all...

    Additionally, I ride, I walk, I hike, I sail, sure I drive too but don't need to mention that here. I've grown up with motorcycles since I was 8 years old, and BMX bikes and 10 speeds, evolving into my first mountain bike purchase in 1993/4 (still have it! Might be my 1st MB build too), but there was always a guy in the neighborhood with a bike that had a motor on the front of it (early 80s - we thought the bike was 60s) that seemed oh so enticing. I always wanted to approach him and ask if it was for sale, after seeing it stored behind his garage for years. It was something that was always in the back of my mind though and recently, on a 2 day bicycle ride I mentioned it to my girlfriend's father & he replied with "eh, wears out the front tires too quickly," he has costly Continentals on his touring bike, mind you, "go to ebay and type "bike motor kit" and..." ...and that led me here today, about a month and many sleepless nights of reading later. I tip my hat with thanks to all you first-comers. Let the posting begin!


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    Welcome aboard, bones.

    Well. If you've been staying up later than you ought reading these threads, then you're probably about ready to order your kit and get that bike started.

    From what you've said I have no doubt that you'll be glad you did.
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    There's 3 kit building philosophies: 1) Spend the money for a high quality kit from the start. Ends up being cheaper in the long run. 2) Buy a cheap kit then spend the money to upgrade and rebuild it. 3) Buy a cheap kit ride it til it blows. Then replace it with another cheap kit.
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    Thanks for the replies. So much to say but having some computer issues & don't care for typing paragraphs from my phone. I was so close to getting a 4 stroke kit but wound up getting (2) 2 stroke kits from BikeBerry during their sale (discussion for another day), plus got $50 more off for buying a 2nd motor kit. I "hope" to be tearing into the 1st motor this Friday night. We shall see if time permits.