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    Hello friends
    My nome is Thom I'm new to 2 cycle 80cc I just got a bike and a engine off eBay
    the 80cc was already installed having problems gas leak from carburetor seller sent me a new one
    looking forward to learning from all of you.

  2. Fyre Koiss

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    Hey Thom and welcome! I too am new to this MB thing (just now building my first bike, almost finished). Just so you are aware in the event you need parts, there is no actual 80cc motor. The Chinese apparently rate their cc's differently then others, and the 80cc is in actually a 66cc motor. You will often see these motors refered to as 66/80cc machines.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Yeah that's a big problem with the cheap 2 stroke kits. You may even have to rebuild the whole engine.
  4. thomasready

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    103_0021.jpg I'm hoping someone will identify my 66cc/80cc motor for me I got this bike off Ebay with the motor already installed on it
    Not yet fired it up, had to replace the carburetor fuel line, and petcock valve plus it's cold here in Indiana
    thanks in advance Thom
  5. thomasready

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    That's scary Jerry
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    With the kits being sold off eBay its a crap shoot. You may get a good engine or you may not. Just be prepared for that. I hoping all turns out well for you.
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