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    Hello, My name is Sammie and I am just getting ready to build my first Motorized Bicycle.
    I know I want the frame to be a stretch cruiser and the engine cannot be more than a 49cc, (2 stroke?) I would like the engine to be an electric start, (no pull cord). I also want this engine to take me up to about 40 mph. (yes I will wear a helmet). :jester: I have a lot of questions if someone out there would care to mentor a gal threw this processes:rolleyes7:

    1. If I want the engine to go faster, 2 stroke or 4 stroke?
    2. Should I have it bored out? What are the risks? Although I would shop out that part.
    3. Does anyone have a list of parts that I need to budget in? Lights, disk breaks,
    4. How in the heck do you make a bike fit a "fat" tire? Like a 4"
    5. Is it possible to make this thing shift gears, 1st, 2nd,

    As much like a lill motorcycle as possible. I know, I know...:)

    Oh man I can feel the goose bumps now you all. I cannot wait to get this project started. Ive always wanted to build my own Harley, but $$$$, yea. This will have to do.
    Just wait until you see what i do with this!

    Please, anyone who is interested in sending some good advise and or at least a list, please contact me.
    Thanks a bunch

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    Starter will take a heavy batt, that adds a lot of weight and takes up valuable space. Read the threads and use search you'll get all the info you need. No one can make choices for you, lots of choices out there. Once you choose then others may have some advice. Too broad of a ? to answer...........welcome.
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