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    I am Rusty.
    I once built 3 motor bikes back when life was easier. Life got harder andI sold each one one at a time to help pay the rent here in Cali.
    Used to be on the Motocruisers message board, it's gone now like my bikes. I like to use vintage bike frames and build fantasy period motorbikes. I had a brass tanked steam bent oak fenders Worksman with a Pico II engine.
    I even had one of the Russian rigga clone engines made by Grubee on a 1920's Mead Crusader with a tool box tank frame and tank.
    Cool stuff from another time. We won't even get into the mopeds and motorcycles I have had and still have.
    I am a student of functional obsolesence.

    I currently have a Tanaka friction drive engine with the Sears Free Spirit plastic cover on a Free Spirit frame and I have just bought a "GasBike" engine kit in "New" condition, with out the box. And a bike and engine from Flying Horse with a dead Mag (Tiny broken wire now fixed) And it runs and drives!

    Any how that's my story and Im stuck with it.

    If I have a sales slip that says 60/80 than what size engine is it? There are no markings on either engine.

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