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    My name is Scully and have just joined the Forum, and have a group of photos of a moterized Felt cruiser that I hope to be able to up-load soon to share with you. I do not currently have a motored bike, but I do have an interest in them and more than a passing interest in bicycles in general of all types.

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    welcome to MBc
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    welcome to MBc 8) where ya from?
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    Welcome to the group!
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    Welcome Scully! 8)
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    welcome to MBc scully!

    Hope we can be of some help? I have always liked dirt bikes and motorcycles, why not motorize a bicycle. i have owned one for almost a month now, the ole man and i only have 1 so we have to take turns lol.

    Good luck and happy motoring! :grin:
  7. Welcome :grin:

    I hope to see pics of your Felt cruiser with motor soon!