According to the admin I have to, "let us know about your level of mechanical know-how, and also let us know if you're new to using forums", before anyone can look at my bike collection.

I have virtually no level of mechanical aptitude.
I am not new to using forums.



heya bud :)

notice that after you and i were on the same page i deleted my "reminder" and quietly opened your topic back up for activity...i was diplomatic, but you musta missed that part...members can tell you i do it that way a lot, it works most of the time...

i hear tell that even tho folks think we're "unfortunately" the best comprehensive source for motoredbiking info, they're not able to connect-the-dots to understand why...

i see MBc has been a bit of a topic elsewhere, i see we've been given both positive and negative "reviews"...the group, i am sure, will be interested in what you have to say about your brief time here, including this lie about me:
He ended the Email with these Shouting Capitals, Stars and Exclamation Marks:


here's the whole thread:

i think if you look around our site, you'll see we don't waste time bad-mouthing other forums, we're too intent on keeping this one the one you hate to love.


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Dec 15, 2006
you say you are not new to forums,
but don't feel you have to follow our rules ?
if you dont like the policies here, why bother joining ?
I would rather deal with people that want to do their part here
( that was a fairly nasty thread about us )...( Yes, it was me that stood up for Rick H)

btw...we don't need pics to attract people here, just a well run forum, the rest just comes naturally
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a good time to mention to the lurkers who are surely reading this one....

we don't solicit pics, we are showing off the pics of our member's builds...there's a big difference.

our "introduce yourself" policy is not about spammers...our membership hardly ever sees the spammer-fight, we've gotten really good at that thanks to Tom...MBc-Members deserve our diligence behind the scenes, and they get it.

our motorsport is enjoying a new awakening, and with that comes many folks who'd otherwise not be interacting on the internet...the motoredbiking newby is almost always also a forum-newby. well, in order to assure that the motoredbiking newby can get the help needed, we insist on our members sharing the responsibility of housekeeping. if that means learning the forum-ropes before diving in, so be it. if you're new, have told us so, and are doing your best, it shows...we are quite patient wth new members who've been responsible about their newb-ness.

anyone who truly is forum-experienced can read thru our policies and get the gist in a matter of moments. doesn't mean you're off the hook, tho, when it comes to manners. you still have to check-in first, & it's so much easier for staff to do their job when you just do it, because then you've properly assured us we can move on to more important things.

there are plenty of places on the internet to cut loose, so we're not depriving anyone of anything...we simply offer a quiet (and clean) little corner where you can focus on a specialized interest and get the job done :)


And the forum is populated by a lot of bald head old farts that happen to like the way this forum is run and the people(s) here. Ya wanna be one of us, follow the rules or lurk away and miss on the fun.
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