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    I've been reading the forums here for a while, since I got my 49cc kit engine. I've been into bicycles, cars and motorcycles and had a few spare bike to choose from. I chose an old, non-suspension Stumpjumper for my project since I'm rather fond of the older "standard" gentleman' bicycle-based motorcycle, circa 1895-1910.
    Since I didn't have an appropriate tank I used the little peanut tank that came with the kit. **** thing has come loose three times and pivoted upside down on the top tube spraying gas everywhere below (engine, legs, shoes). After the third time I vowed to finally make a new tank that fit within the diamond of the frame suspended from the top tube.
    I've been happily riding my motorbike for a few months now and probably have about 200 miles on it. I switched over from synthetic premix oil to a castor based oil (Blendzall) and instantly made my motorbiking experience 200% better. I guess I'm just old school and love that smell. Well, it's a work in progress and I'll probably be posting photos of my tank build in a bit.
    This is the look I'm after...

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    Welcome. An old Stumpjumper ought to be a great bike for this use.

    And Los Gatos and near vicinity ought to be a fine place to ride. Though maybe traffic could be a problem. I've done many, many motorcycle miles up and down the peninsula on the El Camino Real. I'd be a bit afraid of it on a motor assisted bicycle. But you surely know the lesser traveled, residential roads and you've certainly got the right climate.

    I have the map correct in my mind, don't I? Los Gatos is west of San Jose, right?

    Maybe you can do a trip over the mountains to Santa Cruz, too. Man, that would be great.
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    The Stumpjumper is a pretty sturdy starting point. I have an old Schwinn Typhoon as well, but I decided to go with the taller bike since I'm tall (6'4") and it has great brakes vs. the Typhoon's coaster brake.
    I pretty much stay away from El Camino. Way too many hazards and way too many alternative routes.
    You are right about Los Gatos' location, just west of San Jose.
    A friend of mine bought one of the kits recently and built up a board track style cruiser and out plan is to head up over the hill to the coast by way of Alices Restaurant in Woodside, CA. I'm not so sure there is enough umph in that little 49cc engine to push it up some of those hills, though. And the downhills would be way too fast for the engine to turn so you'd have to have the clutch in the whole time. Yep, we got some pretty good roads and weather here. - Jeff
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    Hi booger. Welcome to MBc!
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    Thanks, graucho.
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    welcome -- have fun as you ride the motor bike thing

    have a good day -- from - Mountainman
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    Thanks Mountainman, It's actually hard to ride the thing without a smile.
    - Jeff
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    I love to get down in town on that thing

    you are SO RIGHT BB

    weather is great here after some good rains

    I was smiling all day yesterday on all day ride across several local towns

    I love to get down in town on that motor bike thing