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    I'm Jimmy
    I live in North Carolina. Work as a Diesle Engine Machenic/Electrition for the US Air Force.
    I bought my Motor Bicycle sometime in March and it has been a pretty grueling expeiriance. I won't say who I got it from but the company wasn't listed in the rated list of vendors on the forum, but the bike has been falling apart since it arrived (I had it delivered). The chain tentioner was forced into the rear wheal, that tire spontaneously went flat, the fuel leaked pretty badly out of the motor and the hose fittings, and the spark plug socket fell apart.

    Anyway, I don't regret my bike since I've fixed most of it but I wish I got it somewhere else.

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    Welcome to the forum. These motorbikes are not Toyotas. The best kits require almost daily minor maintenance and inspection. I hope things improve for you, because these things can be a lot of fun.
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    yeah we hear lots of stories about poorly built MB's.

    These things can be built to your own mods and fixes, that's what the fun is all about.
    Sure they are cheaply made engine kits, but lots can be done to improve when out of the box before it goes on a bike.

    On average, many MB builders "get it right", including myself at about the 2nd or 3rd build.

    I kept my first 50cc build as "proto-type", and built the next 10 from those expriences.
    In the end, with all the trial and errors, if I was to build another MB today, I have a "standard". That "standard" means most of the kit's parts don't see the light of day.
    For example, spark plugs get thrown out and replaced with NGK, same goes with plug cap, it get a NGK. Plug lead gets thrown out because the copper wire is not the correct wire for a plug lead.
    Exhaust and inlet manifold gaskets get an overhaul and reshaped to allow gasses to flow unobstructed.
    Fuel tap, costs a bit, but I replace it with the "old school" look of full brass, On/Off tap.
    The list goes on, but it seems to have an end, I think!
    Each has their own unique style, and we post our own fixes. That's what makes a forum.

    My "unique" style are for builders who don't have milling machines and lathes, so I "shape" things with a angle grinder, bench grinder and files if need be.

    If you are Diesle Engine Machenic/Electrition for the US Air Force;
    what can we say, ?? build and modify your MB with what tools are available, and post here in the gallery.

    All the Best

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