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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spunout, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. spunout

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    we've all seen the recent ad-links that look like this on various forums/websites.
    that doesnt bother me too much, but what is annoying is they've figured a way to get around your pop-up blocker. an entire new browser opens, without having clicked on anything.
    sometimes its viagra or credit cards (<----haha. see?) . sometimes (and worse) its the fake virus scan, thats hard to stop. those fake scans send my AVG anti-virus into a frenzy. i guess they carry malware, spyware and viruses themselves.

    i'm no Bill Gates. is there anyway to stop the new browsers from opening automatically?

  2. bamabikeguy

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    I switched to Mozilla Firefox, with AdBlocker, and just added NoScript because it prevents Trojan Horse type ads from being seen, much less clicked upon.

    With that NoScript, you can allow full display on trusted and often visited sites, but you can make it skip all the possible autorun videos to happen.

    AdBlocker, esp. on dialup, makes pages visible twice as fast, but I still see the list of sponsors on this site.
  3. arceeguy

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    If you are getting pop-ups on this site, your PC is already infected with malware. After you get it cleaned up, I suggest creating a non-administrator account for everyday use. Log in to the administrator account only when you want to install software or make system changes. Using a non-privileged account when surfing will greatly reduce the chances of a "drive by" install of malware.
  4. cooltoy

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    That is a great idea arceguy, never thought of that. For me Spybot seems to solve those issues better than AVG.
    That "fake scan" that spunout mentioned, I don't understand why they are not arrested and jailed. Can you imagine how much it costs in time and money messing with those jerks.
  5. loquin

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    well, when you visit their site, you have to accept that they can try all sorts of nefarious stuff, as crappy as it seems. It's THEIR site, after all. And, they probably have a disclaimer posted somewhere there that their site will try to install spyware (labelled differently, I'm sure,) and that by visiting the site, you accept this as a condition of using the site. THAT'S how they can keep from getting sued. That, and being based in Russia or China or some other place that doesn't support international values.

    spam is another issue. 90% of ALL email is unsolicited. So, My company has to provide ten times more email capacity than it needs, just to be able to handle the spam temporarily until it can be deleted. It isn't free. All mail servers, and the internet itself, has to provide 10 times more email bandwidth than it would otherwise need, just to support spam. And, THAT isn't free.
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  6. cooltoy

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    I was watching a TV show the other day on the CBC website about the "Mafia Boy" and how he was able to shut down the servers of sites like ebay and I think google.
    They said that right now there are millions of computers with a worm that changes itself every time it spreads. You don't have to open a file to get it! They don't know the purpose of this worm and from the sounds of things, we could all be in trouble one day.
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Good explanation, loquin. Never really thought about the economic impact of spam as a nuisance before, but what you said makes sense. I just operate on the one absolute certainty in life - nothing is ever free.
  8. spunout

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    GOOD thinking! bama, arceeguy and loquin.

    it seems as though it may be time to ditch Internet Exploder.
    the only other browser i've tried was Opera 9-point-something. i liked it, but it had its glitches.

    i thought my AVG free edition would have stopped the bad stuff. im sure not everything can be stopped
  9. cooltoy

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  10. spunout

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    i read this today:

    "These are not pop-ups so pop-up blockers won't work. They are not viruses so anti-viruses won't work. They are not spyware or adware... They are scripts that run on the webpage so to stop them you need to change the way your browser interacts with those scripts.

    One way to do that is to disable Java but then you lose some nice functionality you'll probably want to keep. Instead...

    For Internet Explorer open Internet Options (click on Tools,then click on Internet Options OR click on Start, then click on Run, then type in inetcpl.cpl and hit ENTER on your keyboard). Click on Security. Click on Sites. There will be an ADD button. Delete whatever is in the field to the left of ADD (it will show the page you were trying to view). Enter the following three lines, including the asterisk (*), and click ADD after each line.


    Click CLOSE. Click OK. Close Internet Explorer and it should not have the ads next time you use it.

    For Firefox you will do almost the same thing but first you'll need to add the AdBlocker add-on. Go to and you can download and install it. It's quick, easy and intuitive. Once it's done you should be given the option to restart Firefox. Do so. After Firefox is open again Add-ons may open automatically or you can access them by clicking on Tools, then click on Main, then click on Manage Add-ons. Adblocker should be at the top of the list. Click Options. The first two check boxes are optional. In the test box next to ADD type in:

    * and click ADD. Type in
    * and click ADD. Type in
    * and click ADD. Type in
    * and click ADD. Click OK.

    You may need to restart Firefox again but those non-pop-up pop-ups should go away. Additional companies may create similar ads or server names may change. By looking at the Source Info for pages with these ads you can find the server name and add them to the blocked list the same way. Use * (or net, etc)."
  11. cooltoy

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    It's funny that you mention Java. A few weeks ago I woke up to find that I'd been updated by Java while I was sleeping. I had huge problems after that to the point where my monitor would show nothing and clicking my mouse would cause a beep sound.
    I had to start in safe mode and do a restore to earlier date.
  12. spunout

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    someone in the house must have played/downloaded online games. looking thru all programs, i saw gamevance.
    removed it, and the ads stopped.
  13. arceeguy

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    IMHO, - It is especially important to issue non-privileged user accounts for the kids. I have worked on many screwed up computers as a result of kids downloading music, "cheat codes" for video games, etc.
  14. spunout

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    i also switched to mozilla firefox, and i love it. much faster, and tons safer than internet exploder
  15. loquin

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    I use firefox, too. There are a few sites which require IE as the client, which I avoid whenever I can. However, my health insurance provider's site to review claims, etc, is one of those that I have to switch to ie before using.

    Download Spybot Search & Destroy & run it at least weekly. Check for updates to it's spyware recognition files weekly as well.

    It can scan your downloads for the nasties as well as clean them off your computer. The one thing I don't like is its scheduler, which really seems to slow down my computer. It's very easy to set up the windows scheduler so spybot be run nightly, or several times a week without a user needing to be present.

    On a side note, JKDefrag is pretty useful, too. I've scheduled JKdefrag to run on Sunday & Thursday nights, and Spybot to run Monday & Saturday nights.