Inventor Shows Motor-less 40MPH(?) Bike Kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikem, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. mikem

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    This short video was meant to highlight Mr. Bate's invention of an adaptor which allows a gasoline engine to run on methane gas. However, near the end of the video he shows another of his inventions ... a kit which he says will attach to any bicycle and make it almost "self-propelled". The bike part of the video starts at minute 11:45. Unusual.

    Mr. Bate's Bike Kit
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  2. mattysids

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    well my BS-ometer is flashing bright red right now

    it seems that he says the energy to "drive" this bike arises from the rider's weight pushing on a mechanism during bumps in the road

    the amount of energy obtained bumping in the road would be MINISCULE

    barely enough to even move the obscene amount of gears on that thing

    sounds like the classic perpetual motion fanatic to me (ex: running an electric motor into a flywheel and switching it on, then recharging, switching on, over and over leading to over 100% efficiency)
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    mattysids; "well my BS-ometer is flashing bright red right now"

    I believe words simular to those were spoken about Newton, Davinci, Franklin, Einstein, Edison, Ford, Deisel and many other like minded men of vision. :eek:

    Just how right were their critics? :whistling:
  4. mattysids

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    well you'd think it would be on the road by now after 30 years if it worked lol
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    That might help propel a bicycle if all the bike paths were covered in speed bumps.....
    Most roads I ride on are relatively smooth.