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May 17, 2008
are they street legal in iowa??
it is under 50cc

the reason im getting one is because i lost my drivers license
will this work???

what do you have to have if anything??
I would suggest that you search google, using

+statute +bicycle +motor +Iowa

as your search phrase, to see what pops up...

Once you find your state's bicycle statutes, (preferably at a .gov site,) search at the site itself. As you uncover pieces, copy them & paste into a document. That way, you can get am overall feel for the whole situation.

Unfortunately, if no one has done the legwork yet, you'll probably have to.
FYI. I used that search phrase, and in 30 seconds, found this at the Iowa League of Cities website.

I would suggest that you search the Iowa statues to verify the info, as it did not come from the site.
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I just registered here today, also from Iowa. Checked with license plate department and they gave me this phone number for rules on mb for Iowa 866-908-4636. The new laws for this year are unbelievable! A few are, headlight, tail light, brake light, license plate light, must climb a 3% grrade at 20mph but not faster than 30 on flat ground, saddle, no tandems, 2 wheels only I think no trikes, a certificate stating the vehicle meets all the Iowa rules from the manufacturer of the vehicle and a valid Iowa drivers license or moped license. However they don't care if you don't wear a helmet! Go figure. Electric has it's own set of rules one being can not go faster than 20mph and no more than 750 watts. Sorry for the bad news call them and see what they tell you.
In other words DOT.

Not good.

I'm not in IA but I've had the hunch for a long time that DOT will be standard
resorted to no matter where you live......and will be the undoing of the cheap, homemade MB.