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    i'm in the process of building a motorized bike and was wondering what it take to ride legal in iowa, from what i understand it needs a plate but no insurance
    here what it says
    what are the requirements to get it registered

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    From my uninformed knowlege, it seems as if they basically call a Moped a "Motorized Bicycle".

    That would mean to me, unless you can get an MCO for it, you can't get it titled or whatever, nor can you use it on the road.

    That's just what it sounds like to me.

    Basically, they want it to be manufactured, by a Company.

    Now some people will say, that you could create your own "Company" and basically call yourself a Manufacturer. and Create your own. and just throw your own sticker on it. (After testing the speed/gradient that it's capable of)

    How "legal" that is, is unknown to me. Some other's in Iowa, should be able to help you out with that.