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  1. Elmstreetmotorized

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    I hollowed out an old book to hold my iphone. I mounted it to my storage bx on the handle bars. Now I use my iphone as a speedo and clock.

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    Say, now that is unique........you must had had a flash of inspiration when you came up with that. I would shamelessly steal the idea, but the climate here wouldn't be conducive to longevity of the phone or holder. :grin5:

    I like the ammo box idea too for a place to put extra batteries for my lights, but I would have to paint it pink or something. The "Boys in Blue" seem to be a bit over sensitive to anything suggestive of weaponry or military. Can't complain though......my bikes don't seem to bother them. Usually get a nod or ignored.

    Anyway, welcome and enjoy

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