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    Remember that orange Slick Daddy I was working on a long time ago? Well I got some decals made by Jenerich...THANKS! I handed them off to Richard on Sat. night, he painted it on Monday...THANKS! I assembled it last night. This whole time we've been working on this bike there has been a O.C.C. like deadline. The deadline is tonight! The wheels are being built as I type this right now. Talk about cutting it close! The bike will be unveiled at a mountabike/freeriding movie showing (New World Disorder 8) at a theater-pub in Salem Oregon.

    The bike has a mountainbike theme. The Monkey on the seat tube is the called the Trail represents the volunteer builders. The saying on the chainstays is what it's all about. Build, Ride, Respect! The B.R.M.B.A. logo on the tank stands for Black Rock Mountain Bike Association. This is, IMO, the sweetest freeride parks in Pacific Northwest. Here's a link to their site Please check it out! Any of you guys into freeriding may also want to check out the Canadian TV series Drop In. When it's released, season 5 will have a segment at Black Rock. The day they were filming, I had the pleasure of riding with Cam McCaul, Steve Romanuik, Dylan Trembley etc... What a treat it was to blast the trails right on Cam's rear wheel!!! Here is a link to the teaser of that episode Please check that one out as well!


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  2. az cra-z

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    Some mighty smooth lines on that thing, right purty!
  3. drimpact

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    Beautiful. I would love to ride one just like that!!!
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    that's a sweet iride you do nice work bro! omg-what tallent:shock:
  5. azbill

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    very nice !!! :):)
    that's a lot of welding/grinding
    excellent fill work there Dan :D :D
  6. wavygravy

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    d-m dan ! you da man! i love how you think!
  7. iRide Customs

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    Thanks guys! The unveiling went well. The new owner was all smiles as was everyone else!

    The fill work is done by my partner in crime, Richard. He's quite the body and paint guy.

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    wow, dan & richard, you've done it yet again!

    too cool :cool: