Irish John's Bike Fleet

Here are some pictures of my bikes. All 70cc 2-strokes but the Schwinn will be a Honda 50cc 4-stroke as soon as I can get the kit.
The Giant Elwood is my most recent - finished it today and it has 700c wheels which make it very smooth and noticeably faster but I pedal harder on big hills. If it gets too much on the hills I'll put a 48 tooth sprocket on it but I don't think I'll need to. The carby floods when I open the throttle but I'm sure someone will help me fix that problem. The tandem has no motor because my passenger does the pedalling!


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cor! I like the starfire one! that scenery is amazing, I'd love to go down under! must be fantastic having all them great bikes, and just enjoying the great outdoors with a bit of warmth. Up in England where I am the closest I've got to that is a dirt track behind my house, always raining and full of concrete. Slightly envious!
Finished Scwinn Cruiser 70cc Project

Schwinn2.jpg Here are some pics of my recently finished Scwinn Cruiser with custom painted tank etc.


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Wow, quite a collection. I have one question. I am new to this site and Im wondering how, and where to get the stickers.


Go to the main page and look for a posting by Tom about free stickers. Then follow his instructions carefully.
Fantastic job there Irish,see attention to detail really pays-off and u must be well pleased.
Now comes the 4-strokes.
The 4 stroke Schwinn

Here's my 4-stroke being built. There are lots of nasty problems that are so hard to foresee. The engines been in & out a good few times so far but the bike isn't ready for trials.


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