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Alloy 7b.jpgHere are some pictures of my 4-stroke bike project using a Schwinn Cruiser plus one of my workshop with some current 2 stroke bike projects:
I'm using a 2-stroke in the Schwinn until I figure out the 4-stroke rig to use.


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nice rides! did u custom make that lift? im guessing yes. looks pretty cooldefinately need stickers

Irish John

Hi Eltatertoto, By "lift" I presume you mean the bike workstand. It's an old heavy duty workshop stand that was standing out the back of a small hardware & bike shop in a small town called Mullumbimby. I asked if it was for sale and got it for Aus $30. It has a swivel so I can rotate the bike but the clamp isn't much use for my Schwinn cruiser which has two thin top bars. Nevertheless I can clamp it on but not swivel it. Since I got the workstand my back isn't so sore.