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    Here's the bike I'm using for the build-
    2003 Iron Horse Warrior men's 21.5" hard tailed mountain bike frame. I bought the frame off my boss at the bike shop for $30.00. The frame and the seat post clamp are the only original part left of the bike.

    The Rims Are Xtera deep "V" cross section 32 hole models,That were once on a crappy Pacific mountain bike that I found in a dumpster, they were painted yellow but were still true so I cut our the El cheapo hubs and spokes and used Shimano XT disc brake mountain bike hubs front and rear with Buchanan's stainless steel spokes and brass nipples, I used a drop of blue loctite in each nipple during assembly.

    The drive train consists of Shimano 105 road bike and XT parts and an XT 9 speed cassette type gear stack that I had left on the shelves.

    The brakes are Avid BB7 mechanical calipers with 230 mm rotors so i can stop faster than i can get into trouble.

    The fork is the last of the "dumb" rock shock pyslos and is adjustable for ride height, rebound and compression dampening and its got an anti dive lock out.

    The fork is mounted to the frame with an F.S.A. "downhill pig" "A" type sealed bearing head set, this piece is about $40.00 cheaper than the accepted best Chris King and its twice as strong.

    I use a 30 degree 4" stem, 5" riser flat track bars.
    The controls are XT 9 speed quick click trigger shifters with Shimano V brake levers and Oury sticky grips.

    The saddle is a Vetta downhill model that's been recovered in black leather and its more comfortable than it looks.

    All control cables were measured and cut to exact length and the ends were dressed and capped off with allot ferule ends for smooth long term operation.
    Notice the rear derailleur loop... its a metal ball and tube arrangement with a Teflon inner sleeve for precise crisp shifting.

    I've purchased a Jet 66cc(chink80) black engine kit, a Sick bike parts shift kit and pipe and several other parts including custom made Kings chain rings to replace the crappy ones from the shift kit.
    I'm going to document the entire build on these pages.
    I welcome your comments and tips-
    Tommy M.
    All pictures taken at McKinley Park in Brooklyn N.Y.
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    It sounds great and it's cool that you have the needed knowledge to build a bike from scratch.

    But if you meant to include a photo, then it doesn't seem to have shown up.
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