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    Well to tell you a little about myself, my name is Travis, but my close friends call me Tex, and I own Iron Spade Cycles. I specialize in building all things two wheeled from full blown 200+mph drag bikes to adult sized custom cruiser bicycles. I've been in the business of building custom cycles since 1996. Although I specialize in building chops, bob's and cafe's from vintage Triumph, Norton and old Japanese power plants, I also have been known to build some radical stretched cruisers. I also have an affection for vintage 2 stroke road going motorcycles. I don't like repeating myself, that is I usually won't build the same thing twice. I believe all bikes are unique and have a soul to some extent. I put life into lifeless creations. Some of you may recognize me from some of the other forums that I frequently contribute, while others have no idea who I am. For starters I'm stuborn, opinionated and well versed in my trade. I have two degrees in Industrial Design and Transportation related Engineering and about 25 years of practical experience designing and fabrication of one off customs motorized and pedal bikes as well as race cars and hotrods.

    I'll be happy to give my 10 cents worth on questions I think I can contribute positively. Hope to chat with all yall real soon.

    Later Travis

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    welcome :)
    that was some intro !!! LOL cool :)
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    welcome friend. sounds like u know what u are doin!