Irritating the yuppy bicyclists

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    I love passing the true bicycling enthusiasts struggling while peddling up a long steep hill in the heat. Better yet my response when I'm told that bikes were meant for exercise, and that motorized bikes are for lazy people.


    I've put more time and effort into my bike than most of the aahholle
    peddle people I've had the pleasure of blowing past.
    Just my point of view...

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    Thats the quote of the century !!!!!:jester:

  3. Fabian

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    This thread is similar to one from some time ago...
    My posted opinions,copied from the old thread are listed below:


    In response to the thread title: I don't so much have response to people but just fairly obvious facial expressions;

    Smiles at first then depending on their behavior, my facial expressions either stay the same or get modified to:

    1) Smiles if they are genuinely interested and want to talk about the engineering, assembly or operational qualities of the package, then making a decision to inform them of purchasing locations for the engine and shift kit depending on their maturity and sensible attitude to use of operation in a public environment.

    2) The grimace face: that gradually painful and stressful look that washes away my effervescent and jubilant facial tones as the person starts to give advise on how they would design and manufacture or re-engineer the componentry or delete safety aspects of the design to make the bike go faster.

    3) The terse face: that expresses displeasure about their enviro-political stance of a motorised bicycle, and a few short and sharp (sometimes caustic) rebuttals of their common points of argument, if they press the issue.

    4) The fisty cuffs face: that expresses the potential to rectify their attitude if they continue to stand 2" away from my face loudly arguing the case that a motorised bicycle is cheating and against the spirit of cycling and fitness; also mentioning they have intentions of reporting me to police for having an over specification engine and my bike should be destroyed.

    5) Oh lord, i'm going to be crucified again for this comment that could be seen as bellicose in nature: The "attitude rectification" face: that expresses satisfaction over my attitude rectification of the spandex clad cyclist intent on wrecking my day, forcing things to turn ugly; sometimes ending in tears for Mr Spandex, usually with the person running to his friends gathered some distance away waiting on outcome of the situation.
    Typically face number No "5" is logical progression from face No "4" when Mr Spandex doesn't read the fourth facial expression.

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    I love it too, and I am a life-long true bicycling enthusiast.

    Last week I came up behind a pedal cyclist and just stayed behind him for a while at 20 to 21 mph. He turned and saw that I was behind him. Then on a small hill I just maintained my same speed and slowly passed him. On the downhill, I did not increase my speed and he passed me and got way ahead.

    I caught up again and stayed behind him until we started up a long hill. Then I increased my speed to 23 mph and started to pass. (I could have quickly accelerated to 28-30 mph, but I didn't want him to know that he didn't have a chance.) He stood up on the pedals and tried to keep up but he just couldn't. When I got to the top, I looked back and he was barely half way up the hill.

    It was so much fun to be able pass a strong young cyclist so easily.
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    Agreed!!! well said!
  6. unior

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    Here's my view: bikes were originally invented for? ......transportation....

    nuf said.
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    hahaha, that's awesome what you said to them. Some people just have to rain on others' parades. The first time I saw a motorized bicycle I thought it was the coolest old school thing I'd ever seen. Ugh, I need to hurry up and finish mine!