Is $5 gas on the way?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bamabikeguy, Mar 30, 2007.

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    I got into this hobby business right before Katrina caused prices to skyrocket by 75 cents or more.

    Those prices have been fluctuating, but the only constant is profits for the oil companies.

    Well, on NBC tonight (March 30) they reported San Francisco prices bumping $4, with more to come.

    Over 5,000 miles traveled, I have tried to tell folks that simple things like bike engines would SOLVE this shortage, if able and patriotic Americans would physically get in the saddle.

    So, if you are shopping, need installation help with GEBE engines, I'll be happy to make the thing run right. My only rule of thumb is heavier riders need the bigger engine, slim in-shape folks (like myself) can keep up with the pace. (snark)


    I found a $250 Cruiser bike from Sun that fits nearly every need, and if you add a few modifications, you can make it reliable and comfortable.

    I just hope, if you choose Sun or GEBE you mention that you heard it on, the best forum for getting the right answers (eventually)

    Things get hectic in the summer, checking on the forum is a priority, but bikes and engines can be addressed simply, post any question, do a little reading, and together we can find the best answers.

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    My main slowdown is dial up. Sharing the phone line, which was making busy signals constant, I was consistently hitting 49 and 50 kps.

    So, I have a second line installed, with the NEW AT&T, a nightmare in and of itself, which I will not get into. :mad:

    BUT, the durn thing will not get out of the mid 30's kps.

    I used to be able to keep up with the posts in the forum, but now there is no way, whole categories I haven't even looked at in weeks.

    Such is growth, such is making adjustments. Now I have greater sympathy for Augie during the winter having to check out all the posts.

    Modem slowness may be the death of my precious collages.
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    your fuel is cheap compared to the exstreamly over priced over taxed uk.$10 dollars a gallon and average wages work out the same as the us.mainly tax by the gready government though which is trying to come up with new green taxes to save the enviroment.if anyone is stupid enough to beleive that.sorry for the rant i am just fed up with this rip of country over here.
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    Gas prices have skyrocketed to a new nationwide record of $3.07 per gallon, nearly 20 cents higher than two weeks ago, according to oil industry analyst Trilby Lundberg. The previous record was $3.03 per gallon, reached on Aug. 11, 2006.

    Analysts say,
    The recent increases in gas prices are mostly due to refinery problems . There have been at least a dozen additional partial shutdowns in the U.S. and internationally that cut refining capacity, this is a large pile of bullpuckie !
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    Dollars per barrel 2000 - $17
    Dollars per barrel last week - $66

    Mission Accomplished.
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    Yes, and 7.00 gas is on the way too.
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    Some Nevada Republican Congressman gets back from the Green Zone and shouts all over the web yesterday about "$9 gas if we lose control in Iraq".

    Almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, so "I told you so" can be documented.

    Back on June 21, 2007 the BBC mentioned how the Saudi's were saying prices would triple overnight if a missle flew into Iran.

    Time to tighten up MB-ers, we're gonna be the native "scouts" of the future.
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    Reporting as ready for any and all reconnaissance missions, SIR!
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    this has got to be a joke

    ok gas is 3.00 in the us and 4.40 here in canada but these bikes use less then 1.00 a day and that,s doing 50km. my muscle car cost $30 to go from downtown to half way to the burb,s about 30miles.about 7mi,s to a gallon taking it easy.granted it,s a moded big block.this is a dream.
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    im the owner/operator of a 5 ton flat deck truck on propane and that even costs $35 a day{on propane 49 cents a liter} just to run around with.
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    Bama see if you have wireless internet available in your area or ATT/Sprint. I have a Sprint aircard for my laptop and it works about 5 times faster than dial up. But a local guy has set up a wireless network system. I live 8 miles from town and get a signal and my down load rate is unbelievable. I can get streaming and internet radio stations, Radio Free Texas being my favorite. The cost is around $50 a month and the Sprint card is 49.
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    The really amazing thing is that for the past 4 or 5 years in a row, the great oil companies have broken all profit records. Some one with the power is not putting a freeze on it because he and his daddy have their hands dug in, WAYYYY DEEP! MHO!
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    Wow, won't be long and we will be having sled dogs running our bikes down main street.
    How would the legal beagles figure out the doggie CC's on them?
    Some how they will surely find a tax to put on them. Perhaps a doggy turd pick up tax. Ha Ha!
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    Snipped from:

    My '89 Ford Escort is a rare jewel, over 199K and no major fixes YET. I was a foolish "chrome and polish" driver in my earlier years, now I look at cars like shoes, just a method to get from here to there.

    However a friend tried to "downgrade" and got stuck with a KatrinaKar, and with the recent mid-west floods, I imagine the used car market is going to be fishy for awhile.

    This morning I ride to the county seat for the Benedictine Peace Vigil, entering it's fourth year, carrying along the electric bill, savings on the postage nearly pays for the gas.

    Everytime I move the car, I try to do three or four chores, be it buying (5) 50lb. dog/goat feed bags or mineral blocks, or bulky items like 48 count packs of toilet paper.

    By tighten up I mean "be prepared", start teaching your friends about this hobby, get a small inventory of parts and repair supplies for your model so nothing has to be rushed overnight express.

    I have (10) 1 gallon and 2 gallon containers of gas, mix my oil one gallon at a time. Having rode out Hurricane Hugo in NC, the reserve is just in case the electricity goes down.

    Living in RoughEdge is a trade-off, convenience versus relative solitude, the neighbor on the other side of the road is the executive financial officer for a Huntsville company with seven plants, she is paying high dollar for the only "speedup" available, via satellite, and service still sux.
    We can't get fire hydrants out here, the main pipe is too small, and the closest wireless program is 25 miles yonderway.

    Without enough potential folks signing up ahead of time, AT&T won't spend a dime, unless you shoot your line with a shotgun, which has been known to happen.
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    I believe the prices will stay artificially low until after the presidential elections.
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    :cool:living on a rock in the middle of the ocean, we have the highest gas prices in America. however, folks here don't travel as far on a daily basis. a 40-mile round trip to work is considered REALLY far. the majority of commuters here buy new for overkill, not wanting to break down on the freeway in the middle of the night, during rush hour, whenever.the majority of daily drivers will always be stuck with $400+ monthly car payments.fortunately, i don't fit the mode anymore. my caravan is 11 years old, and is the first vehicle i've ever owned that went over 100K miles(110K now). bought my '98 cavalier from my daughter for $1500 last year, 66K miles. all cars paid for.
    my wife and i carpool to work, 5 miles away. i go to college 3 blocks from work. wife catches a ride home from co-workers on school nights.
    we spend a little over $100/month, probably 1/3 or less than what the average commuter pays for fuel here.
    the price of gas could rise to $10/gallon without affecting me, and i'm grateful for that. if i had to, i'd be riding my motorized bike home from night school, riding on sidewalks and bike paths. just need to memorize every sidewalk crack and pothole for the 5-mile ride.
    people here bemoan the price of fuel, and the $120 monthly parking at the office(i pay $48).
    HOWEVER,it's the cost of HOUSING that's killer. how's $1950/month for a 3bedroom/1bath/950 square feet townhouse grab ya? my neighbor rents for that, my mortgage is $1800 for 3bdrm/2.5bath/1421 square feet.
    for me, the price of gas, no matter how high, is cheap.
    it's the HOUSING costs that kills us here!:shock:
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    5-7, you may live on a rock in the middle of the ocean, but I don't know about you having the highest gas prices. Gas (regular) here has been holding steady all summer at $3.799, and it's a LOT higher in the villages. When I hear reports about gas prices on the radio, they never mention Alaska. Oh well, we don't really consider ourselves to be part of the US anyway.
  18. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :cool:sorry, alaskavan, i didn't realize you guys have higher gas prices. i found out that North Dakotans pay outrageously for their fuel also.
    i'm glad we Hawaiians aren't hit by double whammies like you folks: high prices and having to drive long distances on a daily basis.:shock:
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    Gas in Fargo ND is $3.07 per gallon..some of the smaller towns are as high as $3.35 as of today. So $5.00 gas is not out of the question, in my opinion anyways. North Dakotas other claim to fame is it's low -low wages. Factory jobs here pay starting workers a paltry $7.75 to $8.00 per hour and most top off at $10-$11 after about 4-5 years. A $1200-1500 a month mortgage is out of reach for most people. Then add the cost to heat your home here with our severe winters. It can easily stay in the below zero range for weeks on end. If I didn't have all my family here I would never stay. Most kids graduate college and go someplace else to work so they can make a decent living
  20. Remember back in 1999 when gas was 99 cents a gallon? "No Way" some would say,but it true.
    Amazing how today anything less than $2.50 a gallon is considered a bargain.
    That flex fuel I saw at $2.05 a gallon today. I wonder if that would work in my Happy Time with pre mix.