Is a anyone here running a Staton gearbox?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by OldPete, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Please post your experiences with this heavy duty offering.
    The company has been making these boxes since about '85, so they have to be doing something right.

    I want to know about weight, noise and handeling with these units. TIA. :cool:

  2. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    hey Ol pete

    i ordered a outside drive gear box and a mitsubishi 43 cc 2 stroke from staton inc,im waiting patiently,the company is busy so no definate delivery date.david staton knows alot about motors and bicycles ,i worked in demolition a few years back and the company i was working for had a motorized wheelbarrow from staton inc i couldnt believe the thing ran all day everyday,it was very powerful and made the workload easy,so i ordered a scrub drive from him and used it for years,no problems ever. hes great to deal with,ive ordered stuff from him before and bang it was at my going to do detailed pics and video of putting my new ride together.should be here this week.
  3. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Looking forward to the posting of this fine unit... you beast! I got a GEBE coming and will do the same. :smile:

    I am going to try and pick-up a very used bicycle with an inside drive on it this Saturday. Might try for an inside the frame with welded on brackets/mounts in late summer.

    EDIT: The barrow uses the same gearbox. I will be calling David about 1:00pm his time in OKC.
  4. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    ol gebe

    i thought about getting the gebe belt but...ive been a motorcycle mech for 26 years and like the chain drive i want it for everyday riding and long distance.i know there heavier but ill just figure it out.well good luck,ill post soon.
  5. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    As long as a GEBE equipped bike is started by pedaling up to about 6mph and the engine is at the moped limit of 2hp, there should be little issue. I do intend to pull a 70# gross trailer some great distances.
    BUT! A spare belt will be installed, then tied to the seat stay, just in case. Yes the belt will be covered with shrink wrap to keep it clean and tied off very neatly.

    Motorcycle mech? Once I move next year, restoration starts on my '77 900SS Ducati. Real touring bikes run shaft drive. :cool:

    Back to Staton.
    I called David to ask some questions. Got some answers that I'll summerize but maintaine some truth. I liked him. :cool:

    Yes the 18 to 1 gearbox is quiet but it is overkill.
    The gearbox comes in at 7#.
    GEBE kits are 12~15# depending on engine type.
    Staton kits are 22~25# depending on adaptive hardware and engine type.
    Yes the GEBE is quieter and lighter but the Staton will move mountains.

    If I had realized how super-duper these Staton units were a month ago. Well, the desision would have been a tough one between the two.

    He did tell me that he is working a lighter set-up that would use a smaller gearcase, then have about a 4 to 1 reduction at the wheel. Drive sproket mounting will remain the same...At the left side of the rear hub.
    Increasing driven sprocket size at the wheel will permit a more varied ratio selection and make chain adjustment a little less frequent.

    Oh! And he said his units are much more addaptable. They have been put on just about everything. I did look at his customers pics...Good stuff. I think I saw locowelder's trike 'n trailer posted there. (I did :razz: ).

    EDIT: David did not indicate that a new gearbox was in the works anytime soon. He said it like it is a distant plan.
  6. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    re staton

    hey ol gebe!davids really good to deal with ive bought lots of kits from him and installed on peoples bikes,he has a smaller gear box now- i thought?.i got a ups shipping code so mines on its way!!!!!!!!!!mmmm ducatis i had a 94 900 monster with lumpy cams and almost straight flow exhaust i got a ticket in seattle for exssesive noise.i was just leaving a gas station and wasnt even under power,i rode 50s panheads for 20 years,but got the ducati duc scared harley riders it was very funny sounded like a dragster idling..i have over the years tuned up bevell drive ducs,very interesting my biggest priority is hiding the 43cc motor,im thinkin of putting zap e stickers on the trans,cuz we have bad cops here in canada.youll see wut i do soon enough...
  7. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    I asked him a few questions 24 hours ago and he has not reponded to my email.
    Over the phone he indicated that the whole set-up was due for a re-work.
    They do make the gearboxes in OKC, so communication is not a big deal and the quality is good by all reports.

    I really need that old used set-up I found last Saturday and will make a strong offer this Saturday.
    It has a Honda of unknown displacement on it, the bike is a well used electric type converted to gas.

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    I rode British bikes, a few Suzis, a honda and several Italian bikes. Like to have a '47 Knuckel...Year of birth. A guy in Sweden casts up aluminum heads for them and that really sweetens them up..or so I was told at the M/C show at El Camino College.

    Good talkin' to ya Butch.
  8. Torques

    Torques Guest

    What does a ******* have to do with a welder being available to you? :shock:

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    sorry torques... you were just commenting
  9. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

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    To answer your old question about foam air filters over at Staton Forums; I will use special oil made for foam air filters and follow their instruction. A spare foam will be aquiored in time so I can have a spare in-hand. I have some K&N pre-cleaner foam here that might work but not as well as I would desire, after all it is pre-cleaner. It is used over a K&N filter for incredably dusty conditions, like desert endurance racing.

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    azbill Active Member

    that is enough with the flamin
    there are under 16's around here so keep it appropriate
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    Torques Guest

    Gunning for you? I have no idea what you are talking about. Anyway, sounds like you have some issues, good luck. :shock:
  12. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    You got a PM azkronic. :cool:
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    azbill Active Member

    more than 1 pm went back n forth
    I would prefer not to edit anything here, but everyone can see the flags

    I know this is off topic, but I am here because I happen to like my bike and enjoy other people's efforts with their's
    I am not here to referee arguments between grown adults(?) nor am I here to act the 'heavy'
    I am here to learn from others, things I don't know, and help people with things I do

    every person here should have read what is acceptable and what is not...if you don't agree with them, you shouldn't be here
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    gone_fishin Guest

    i just got in after a marvelous day of tandem installs...see more about it in general discussion.

    i have no idea what's behind those red tags, but if 'kronic felt compelled to put 'em in there i'm satisfied & behind him 100%

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