Is anybody familiar with SEKAI?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Sgt. Howard, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Just been given a 10 speed Sekai 400 Series for my labor ... wasn't expecting payment, I put iron fencing around a disabled guy's porch... and was wondering if anybody has experiance with this brand name. Made in Taiwan, lug-welded frame on 27" wheels, it has one blown spoke- actually, the spoke nut gave way- on the rear tire. Everything else seems functional. I would not consider motorizing these wheels, but a set of mono 26" fatties might fit in here. Any thoughts?
    the Old Sgt.

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    - just found out from other sources- the series 400 was the "Sears Good" quality for Sakai- outsourced to Taiwan with less money in deraillers etc., still higher quality than many of the same era (1973 to 1986). Wheels were an issue, mostly spokenuts. This bike is 100% stock origional equipment, no signs of abuse or even long riding... yet has a popped spokenut. Frame is supposedly on par with more expensive machines.
    OK- as mentioned before, monospeed wheels, coaster rear, drum front, HT 49cc motor, Brooks saddle, cruiser handlebars... and a little hysterical... er... HISTORICAL.. research... hmmm... no, not an Indian Camelback... but that would be a good candidate... OOOOOHHHH!!! HISTORCAL HERESY!!! IT NEVER EXISTED!!! ... all the better... I'll bet I can get the DOL for WA to recognise it and create a title... MUUUWWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!-
    -more on this later
    the Old Sgt.