is buying a motor mount neccesary for the OCC Stingray?

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    I found a Schwinn OCC chopper bike for 40$. How necessary is it to get the motor mount for this bike? is it something that could be fabbed up pretty easily or what? does anybody have any close up pics I could see? I have the 80 cc Happy Time kit and I work at a hardware store, I think I could make something work, but I haven't seen these bikes up close yet.

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    use search, occ chopper and go to pics
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    stingray motor mount

    Hi Mikesova..welcome from Down Under...I found a motor mount on EBay and then improved on it..I used a decent gauge metal plate and welded two steel pipe brackets to slot into the motor section. You need to consider the pressure on that nasty eliptical frame and the risk of compromising the frame by drilling holes in it. I ended up getting heavy duty rubber from the local Clark Rubber outlet and packed the sides thicker than the center so the pressure was taken by the sides of the frame and not the top most vulnerable section..Also had offcut smaller plates underneath with more suspension rubber to absorb the vibration and provide better support..I am trying to work out how to get around it without drilling the frame..Thinking about four bolts each corner..i will post some photos when I work out how to load onto this page..The offset is critical may compromise the fitting unless is is totally stable and supported well by the rubber and attachment arrangement
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    mikesova, ian harding

    The attached picture doesn't show a Schwinn OCC frame, but maybe it'll help. As noted in the posts, the paper thin motor mount straps that are supplied are inadaquate. I'm also with you on not being willing to drill a frame! The pictured bike was my first attempt to put a motorized together. After installing the engine useing the supplied thin metal pieces I tested the engine's rigidity by pushing and pulling on the head. In my opinion, no amount of strap tightening, to the point of breaking the studs out of the engine case, was going to be stabilize the engine in the frame. The engine must not flex or there's no way to avoid problems with chain tension and chain throwing. The pic shows that a piece of aluminum was drilled to the diameter of the frame, in this case 1", and then split to make the two necessary pieces. I realize that it's not going to be easy to make proper, secure engine mounts for your frame. The lot more hand work will be necessary. As for rubber to prevent the frame damage? Might work...but, from what I see it might be worthwhile to consider a sure cure that is both ridgid and non-damaging to the frame.

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    Motor Mounts

    Thanks Mikesova...I was wondering just how good those motor mounts (not the U bolt ones but the black one piece cradle)were that LIVEFAST MOTORS show on their accessory pages. i reckon I could copy it with a bit of thinking and some help from my"mechanical nut" and good mate neighbour..Thanks for the photo..when I get the job done I will post the shot...See you

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    the main purpose of the mount is to offset the engine to the clear the 4.5" tire
    if you are handy with a welder, you could fab a mount yourself cheaper
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    stingray motor mount photo

    Hi Mikesova...ENO..(used to be Ian) I finally got to upload some pics of the motor mount for the stingray..Theyre only the first "dummy"models and theyre a bit rough but when I installed it and fitted it to the bike they work real well, are very stable and solid and the rubber cushioning works well around the eliptical frame..Better than paying old Barry $70 US and postage...I am going to draw up some dimensions and angles of the struts for other members to copy if they like....My good old mate next door got me the base plate which is very strong and because of its "channel" shape will not distort or bend under is also reasonably light...If you want to / or need to copy the design let me know and I could probably get you a base plate and post it to get the thing started.Clarke Rubber sell the best rubber and its cheap..couple of high tensile bolts and its done...Check the first pics of the "dummy" to see the simplicity...The angle of the two struts to hold the motor is critical but I just used a timber broom handle as the strut and pattern / cut it when the motor sat right and offset it to the edge of the plate..then cut the steel to match. My mates welds are strong but mighty ugly but I will get a good boiler maker. sweeten him up with a slab of ale, and get him to knock up a few of them....I hope to get this thing on the road soon...Good Luck ENO
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    Check out OCC chopper Barry he can get you hooked up with a mount. wbrent @ aol .c o m
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    Motor Mount Plans

    Hi Mike..Today I posted some drawings, plans and pics of the Stingray motor mount I built. You will find it in ENO / ALBUMS if you want to use it..I made the plans clear enough to print for those who want to build their own.

    Good Luck..See Ya ENO
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    I have that livefast bracket on my bike. I did drill the frame for it. I bent the bracket so that it matched the curve of the tube. I think that they made a change to the bracket where it is narrower now. If I were doing it again I would use a couple muffler clamps to attach it to the frame.
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    You haven't said where you posted the pics & plans?
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    I can't help but notice no one really gave an answer here, instead it became a thread about fabricating motor mounts. I'm trying to mount a simple 49cc engine on an OCC StingRay Chopper, and I have no money for new parts, but I have friends with a lot of tools, and an old moped kit I have, mounted on another bike. I need this ride for work, I'm so poor >.<

    So is there a way to mount this on here without a mount or not? I don't really give a **** about drilling into the bike, since its old anyway.
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    I have one that I'm going to build for my son. There is no way to mount the engine directly to the frame. It needs to be offset to the left, hence a bought or made modified bracket. Otherwise you won't be able to install the chain.
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    I am following with interest, I have my nephews stingray waiting on an engine, I also do not want to drill the frame. It may be a few years old, but I want it to be around for his kids. Thanks for all the good info so far!

    JD the post is on track.
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    Alright, but what about these U mounts that I've seen on some StingRay's? There's no drilling necessary, and I already have a chain offset.
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    How do you mount a engine without a mount, of some sort.

    If you are that poor, a HT is not the way to go. Thinking you have limited mechanical experience, keeping one on the road will most likely be over your head and bigger then your wallet.

    What I'm thinking of doing is to mount a plate (most likely 5/16 or 3/8") on the lower tube. Some type of clamp will be wielded onto the underside of the plate. Then mount the engine to the plate with flat stock (with the off set needed), using the engine mount holes. The flat bar will be wielded to the plate. This will enable the offset needed for the chain. For a exact fit I'll bolt the flat stock to the engine, forming the perfect 75 degree angle and welding flat stock to the plate. Secured using the clamps wielded to the bottom of the plate. The only issue will be as how to fab the plate with clamp so the engine won't rotate on the lower bar due to torque.
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