Is it better to use non-ethanol?

Besides ethanol eating the seals, and clogging up the carb jets in 2 strokes
The water in the ethanol prevents proper lubrication of the bearings. Water coats the bearings
This is a death sentence for a 2 stroke.
So let me put it to you this way. I rode my bike several days a week. I cut my lawn every week. For nearly 4 years only E-10 was sold here in my small town. Roughly every 3-4 months I had to tear my carburetors down and clean them. Now that my town has a Station that sells a 100% gas I haven't cleaned any of my carburetors for nearly 2 years.

Most people know if ethanol gas sits it'll cause problems. However, I've found even with fresh e-gas running through the fuel system it'll eventually still cause problems with small engine carburetors.

Most large lawn/landscaping businesses use 100% gas because they are fully aware of the problems e-gas causes creating equipment downtime. They know there isn't any savings if it causes equipment failure.
guess ill switch over will have to find a place that sells a lot of it the place b me never sells any so i fear its old gas in there tanks