Is it better to use non-ethanol?

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I was wondering which is better to run In these little 2-strokes, regular (87 octane), premium (91) or ethanol free gas? From my understanding on reading up on it a little, it’s better to put premium for how it burns in air cooled 2-strokes but I haven’t found any reliable info on it. I’ve used regular for about a year in my old engine and it has no real issues. But with my new one I’m shooting for longevity (2 years+) so I’m curious if it would make a real difference to fill up with regular as opposed to ethanol free or premium? I’ve ran all of them in my engine and noticed no difference between them, but I’ve heard it’s not something that you notice and it’s something that is better for your engine in the long run? Any info or thoughts? Thank you.
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I was amazed that the cheapest gas with redline shindawia oil was making these machines run like tops with the bare minimum of maintenance.

I have ran cheap gas in mine with no problems...

My personal secret running with any mix is using 1 oz of mystery oil and 3 oz of low sulfer ace hardware oil.. all summer. (³²:¹)
My personal secret running with any mix is using 1 oz of mystery oil...
Nice to see I am not the only one that runs MMO in most of my engines. If anything else, it does do a good job of keeping the carbon buildup down. On my 4 stroke carbed engines it also helps protect the carb parts like the needle and slide from wear. Also does a good job of protecting untreated metal surfaces from oxidizing.

Plus, who doesn't love that minty Marvel exhaust smell. (y)