Is it me, or are HT engines getting harder to find...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Gh0stRider, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Gh0stRider

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    And more expensive too!

    Looking at eBay the other day, and the number of people selling HT engines has dropped drmatically, and the prices are on the rise. An engine that was selling for $114 shipped just a few months ago is now going for $145 - and that is one of the cheaper ones!

    Maybe its just seasonal "supply and demand" but I think that Happy Times are not here to stay and people are selling off remaining stock on hand.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I've noticed the same thing. Although my favorite seller is still selling items on Ebay, he doesn't have the complete engines. He was a great seller...I hate that.:icon_cry:
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    who was your favorite seller?
  4. 210061741

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    Yes this is what i was saying months ago.
    noone believed it was gonna happen.

    The new EPA regs are stoping the import of the HT engines.

    Even Zoom in Canada has limited what thelyy send to the US.

    Precisly why this is a good time for a USA made bicycle engine.

    If it isn't imported it wont have the $500,000 import bond required.

    But it will still need to meet EPA REQS.

    Thats where the Fisher Engine Technology Comes into play.

    High Efficcency 2 stroke.
    USA Made.

    Yes !!!!!
  5. give me vtec

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    thats why I bought a few extra's when they were cheap... people were saying it was just a hoax.

    I looked at it this way... either I get a few while I can before they are gone, or... I get a few while they are cheap and wont have to buy any for a while.
  6. Wheres my dog

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    The HT engine is, relatively a simple piece of machinery, that in my mind can be easily fabricated by someone here in the USA....

    The aftermarket is well in place to support such a venture, and the demand is in place as well!
  7. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    not necessarily true... if they cant make it epa compliant, they are in the same spot as the Chinese manufacturers. You also have to convince somebody to make them... unfortunately our small demo might not be enough to justify the capital investment.
  8. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Well i am working on a new efficent 2 stroke for the bicycles that will pass epa with flying colors.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. Happy Valley

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    Valid point about the demographics plus I believe the Chinese are simply phasing out production because their domestic demand has plummeted in favor or electrics.

    It will be extremely difficult to compete with quality products, like say the Robin engines, when going up against a giant like Fugi Heavy Industries.
  10. Truth Is,The E.P.A. wants 2 strokes banned and If you cannot make them E.P.A. compliant.Then,It's a waste of time to own one unless you got stockpile of parts to make them.And Even If they were produced In America and passed E.P.A. Inspection by some miraculous means.You would have People wanting 500 to 1000 bucks for the engine.I decided to do a 4 stroke for these reasone.Soon as the 2 strokes are unavailable people like ezmotorbike,staton,and pirate cycles.Will jack up their prices from 500 on up to 1000 bucks.It's all a money racket to suck up your last dollar.Fact Is,This hobby will not appeal to people like myself and many others for reason being you can buy a moped or motorcycle In good shape from 500 to 1000 bucks.2 strokes are on the way of the dinosaur,so are 4 strokes to follow.Then It'll be only thing you can get Is electric engines which have numerous problems and batteries when gone bad are dumped Into landfills creating pollution.I hate to say this.But,Motorbicycling as we know It Is on the way of the dinosaur and people posting their bikes,comments,and checking with the law Is part of the reason this Is happening.Police,E.P.A.,and the government do read e bay,this site,And all the vendors sites.I used to be able to ride In peace.Now,Thanks to everyone broadcasting their opinions and Internet sales of these engines.I got to the point to where I cannot ride anymore without some cop asking me 1000 questions about my bike.2 much publicity=too much regulation.End of story.
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  11. Nothing more I would want to see than you make a 2 stroke that would pass e.p.a..But,I do not see this happening anytime In our lifetime..E.P.A. will make more regulations.And environmental warming Is not from man It's a natural cycle that has happened 5 times In earlier civilizations.Media uses this as a scare tactic to create more laws and corporate slavery.I think In my personal opinion that freedom and democracy Is dying off.I wonder If the E.P.A. and government drive so called environmentally friendly vehicles?I bet they have mustangs to lamborghinni's and hum v's.Look at john travolta telling us commoners to be environmentally friendly.Yet he has 5 jumbo jets and jay leno has 300 cars.It's all a scam.Plain and simple.
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  12. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    Well sir i got the License agreement from Fisher Technologies yesterday.
    Got to see my lawyer monday to legalize the deal.

    The license gives me permission from the Paten Holders to put there technology into a bicycle engine.

    The Fisher Technology Co. and Myself are working together to make this happen.
    This is no pipe dream.

    You can find the links to the patens if you look too.

    I am very optimistic about this.
  13. GOOD GOING:eek: I really do hope you can pull this off.And I hope you can make a clean burning 2 stroker.My only question Is,How much will this product be to the public.And If It'll need rebuild every 200 miles like a ht engine?I wish you the best of luck and hope That this Idea Is made Into reality soon.
  14. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    We are anticipating at least 10,000 to 20,000 miles before rebuild.

    right now the plan is to use the chineese cases and some parts so that will keep the cost down.

    I am starting to really like the puch parts.
    Even crankshafts are available.
    And a nice CDI system with 12V output for running lights.

    I'm leaning toward the hybred being super quality.

    As far as the engines being scarce.
    I have an idea.

    I am sure everyone that has rode around on the chineese engines for a wile has at least 1 thats not running anymore.

    Starting to think rebuilding them would be a great idea.
    Especially with some nice upgrades.

    So i guess i'll go start a thread offering the Riding Rich Rebuild service.

  15. azbill

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    why would you think/say EZM would jack their price ???
    saying things like that off the top of your head is not very cool
    (this, from the guy who blew up engines because of using the wrong oil???)
    and as for an EPA compliant 2smoke...I will believe it when I see it
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  16. andrew88rmz

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    AZ BIll , in regards to 2-strokes being epa compliant have you ever seen an outboard motor? Mercury and Yamaha still make 2-strokes outboards that are fast, light, and fuel efficeint. The epa is retarded, There is no way that the minimal amount of 2 stroke vehicles on this planet could ever compare to power plants, or the current situation of the giant ***** oil spill off the louisiana coast. My Flying hoarse was supposedly epa approved so believe it, go to mercury's website and see it.
  17. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi need a honest dealer,

    No matter what happens to the Chinese 2-stroke motors, EZ Motorbike has no intentions of raising our prices. In fact we hope to lower them whenever possible. On a daily basis we do our best to find vendors that will offer us better prices [in fact Mike is on his way to meet with several fabrication shops as I write this post].

    Sadly several of our current suppliers have in fact raised our cost [Aluminum pulleys, chain, chain sprockets, and belts]and we simply lowered our prophit structure. It appears the demand for 4-stroke kits is on the rise, as the first quarter of this year indicates almost a 300% increase over the same quarter last year. The more we sell, the better we can bargain with our vendors. Another important cost factor concerns shipping, and as we continue to increase our volume we save on shipping with larger orders.

    Although I didn't purchase any of the low quality 2-stroke kits, I know from 15 years of racing, the 4-stroke motors always cost far less to operate & maintain. When I raced for Yamaha, Kawaski, Hodaka, AJS, & Carabela it was necessary to rebuild each motor before each race, whereas the 4-stoke motors [Ducati, HD,Triumph, etc] managed to complete the entire season without rebuilding.

    My current 4-stroke motor, starts every time, gets almost 185 MPG, can exceed 35 MPH, has over 4000 miles logged, sounds great, has far more low end torque, and most importantly........ I haven't spent a single dime on repairs. I don't have to add oil [cost money] to my gas, replace any cylinders, pistons, rings, seals, gaskets, or continue to buy additional motors for spare parts.

    Please don't take this as bashing 2-strokes, but facts are facts, and the most common comment I hear almost daily from customers is............ 4-stroke are in fact less costly because many have had to purchase many 2-stroke motors just to keep their motorbike running.

    Have fun,
  18. azbill

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    we are talking an epa compliant bike engine here,,,why do you think the supply is drying outboard engine has nothing to do with this thread

    a sticker on the engine doesn't mean squat

    I have been in this scene for a while, and the ban on these has been coming for a long time....that is a fact that cannot be disputed

    I was stating that I want to see the 2smoker that IS being talked about here become EPA compliant, before I believe it
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  19. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Andrew88rmz,

    And the price of the EPA approved 2-stroke outboard motors are???????????????

    Sure not the same as the Chinese 2-stroke bike motors.

    And why aren't the World's largest motorcycle companies selling 2-strokes for the street anymore?

    Have fun,
  20. andrew88rmz

    andrew88rmz Member

    Sorry dude i wasnt trying to get on your bad side. Back to the subject, the flying hoarse (Bike engine) is epa aproved. It has a catalytic converter, thats how they re gettn around it. Stickers might not mean squat but a sticker can be the difference btw legal and illegal.