is it me or is he asking a lot for this ride.


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$800.00 may be steep for a wal mart bike but that bike looks better quality. It all depends on the build quality of the bike. Now if the Bike was purchased at a bike shop for $500.00 and $200.00 low ball for the engine kit and $100.00 for all the little things and let's take away labor you're profit is zero. Even a Wal Mart bike you payed $150 bucks for you still shelled out around 100 bucks for better tubes for the tires,mounting hardware,all those little things and the low ball $200.00 engine kit that's still $450.00 for the bike in parts taking away labor.
So price is irrelevant actually. Look at all these fools paying top dollar for World Series tickets and Hanna Barbella or whoever.
Some people just want to buy a complete bike. I say half the fun is building it,and if your not the one that built it,you may not (or may) know how to take care of it. But there's still all them people with cash on hand.

ya I would thank ya maybe the bike cost but looks like the one I seen in walmarts. 40mph is litte out of the ball park.. HEHE


That is the one wal mart sells....I ordered one for my project and it just happened to get dropped off the back of the truck and drug down the road. After looking at it I let it go back...nice looking bike but would have had to replace to much.

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That is a Schwinn Pacifica 7spd aluminum 129.99 available through wal-mart, catalogue department only. Nice bike, I have one as did papasaun at one time. Too pricey for the package though IMO.


yeah im on 28 inch rims and all ther is to do is 45mph and it blew a piston and a bushing and it looks all stock to me man weeeee i get paid for doing deliverys on the bike at 6bucks an hour and $1-$1.50 a delivery this is sweat
man later


Apr 23, 2007
The only thing I would question about the price of this MBc is the wal-mart quality bike. Wal-mart bikes are in the most part made by DynoCraft. Next, Schwinn, mongoose, pacific and many other department store bikes are all Dynocraft.

Believe an old bike guy when he says the new Schwinn is NOT your father's Schwinn. You would be better off on a HUFFY! (in My opinion) And after working for Huffy bicycles for 7 years as a field assembly Technician my opinion of Huffys is very low

If this thing was a 10-20 year old Schwinn I would say awesome deal! No wal-mart Schwinn's (or any others Walmart carp) for this fat guy
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Canadian conversion

40mph? I would doubt it...
That was listed as 40 kph....about 25-30 mph.....about like mine. Not sure what the Canadian currency conversion is right now.