Is it normal not to hear anything?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by r5579, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. r5579

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    I've ordered a Staton kit last week, and have still not received a shipping tracking number. But the money is out of my account.
    I emailed asking about this, and have not gotten a reply either.
    Anyone else have these kind of issues?

  2. stringer

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    First off, Staton makes good stuff and im happy with the kit im putting together now. Very nice.

    Having said that, he's a schmuck. You can forget about any email replies. Case in point; I have emailed him 30 times over the last 3 weeks about a friggen order. NOTHING. I finally had to call his long distance number, and in his whiny little redneck girl voice, came a promise to ship. Dont hang up when he/she anwers, you will not get a " Hello, Staton Inc. ", but rather a high pitched menstrual whine "hello". Its him.

    Also, do not give him an OrderID # .... this will confuse the little tot. Give him your name instead. And you better not have more than one order with him, this will really throw a monkey wrench into his highly organized business practices.
  3. stude13

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    i think you are way way out of line. if you kept up with postings about suppliers being swamped and not having the time to stop every one you whiners called. he would have more time to do his bussiness which is to put out a first class product as quickly as possible. if i were him your kit would be shipped next year.
  4. I am sure he is swamped with orders but customer's do have a right to know when they can expect their orders. Maybe it is time they hire a person to handle customer service.
  5. kerf

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    David has always been up front with me and I find him to be a good person to do business with. I have noticed that some emails go unanswered but sometimes I too have that failing. Having said what I have, let me add that you, stringer, seem to have an attitude issue. I don't believe your personal insults added anything to your reply and from my perspective diminished its value.
  6. stringer

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    I think you're out of line. Ship next year? Nice idea genius. :rolleyes: Delays are expected, ignoring all customer emails and calls are not. Get a clue.

    I have to admit though mitch, your posts are getting more eloquent every day. Its nice to see a little variance from your typical replies that number in the hundreds ... "try using search. mitch"

    And kerf I do have an attitude. It has developed as a result of being surrounded by people like yourself. It takes a great deal of patience and understanding for a person like myself to tolorate someone like you.
  7. kerf

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    I really appreciate your patience with me, I know I can be difficult. You sir, are a giant among men and I have always worshiped you from afar.
  8. SimpleSimon

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    As far as you can get?
  9. Davids OK by me

    I called up Staton and some guy answered[it was David]. I asked about a kit minus a engine. Then I asked him to take my order over the phone. This was on a Monday. Four days later I got the kit[one day earlier from what UPS said]. I have since talked to David on the phone and have not noticed any whine at all.
    Check out the youtube video of a guy pulling a wheelie on a Staton powered bike. The guy is doing about 30mph and is being videoed by some of his buds in a car. To get a idea of just how stout staton kits are check out the other video where the same guy bites the pavement while doing another wheelie. David said the guys staton bike was about 5 years old and the owner was a skateboard riding pro. The dump resulted in major road rash[see seperate youtube video] and no damge to the staton drive train
  10. stude13

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    i am humbled by your critique. mitch
  11. Accender

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    You guys crack me up.


  12. darwin

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    I dont have any personal experience with staton but theres many posts about how great their kits are and being satisfied with the vendor. To me that speaks volumes about them, Ive never bought anything like I said and I think their a great company just by all the thumbs up they get.
  13. darwin

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    Yo mitch...............buuuuuuuuuuuuurp!
  14. Warner

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    I ordered my kit and had it in my hands 10 days later, minus the tach/hourmeter as they were out of stock - that shipped to me yesterday and I should have it on Monday. Having said that, their communication skills ARE lacking. I e-mailed a few times (never got an answer to any of the e-mails), and called a couple of times, which was productive when someone answered, which was less often than getting their machine. I'm very pleased with the product AND the speed which I received it problems at all. I could see how someone (esp someone who works in a corporate setting and is used to top-notch customer service) would get frustrated with lack of response or information. I think it's relevant to keep in perspective what a small operation they have there....I don't think they are large enough to hire someone who specifically deals with customer service. There's probably a few guys who work in a shop and whoever happens to be near the phone (or not) picks it up. I'm not making excuses for them....just explaining how it likely works there. I have other eclectic hobbies that deal with gearhead types and the lack of customer service skills seems to be a common quality. 10 days was NOTHING to wait for my kit....I had a high-perf VW engine built that took more than 6 months to get to me!

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  15. Alaskavan

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    Staton's products are high quality. However, I avoid ordering from them as much as possible due to communications problems that I've had with them.
  16. SirJakesus

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    Their products speak for themselves. Just research and know what you're looking to get yourself. They will be little to no help when it comes to specific questions. I ordered the friction kit for my womans bike only about a week ago and its already here, totally as advertised. I must say though I believe they lace their NuVinci wheels wrong but apparently I'm the only one who's had problems with spoke breakage at the nipples. Time will tell.
    All in all Staton is the MB vendor I trust the most when it comes to top quality kits and parts. You won't have to talk to them too much because their kits are straight forward in operation, installation and repair and everything is made to last.
  17. JemmaUK

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    Yeah, David is the master of the one line email it seems... 13 words in all lol

    and isnt it customary when you are talking to a potential customer or someone making an enquiry that you actually put your name at the end of the e-mail...

    I thought it was just me... but it seems he's that lovable to everyone :???:

    Jemma xx
  18. astring

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    I ordered a gas cap from him, professional on the phone, item arrived in 3 days, what is not to like?
  19. SirJakesus

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    As I said, He's not big on communication but Im sure he reads his emails and does his best for his customers to the extent of them not bankrupting him. Unless he fundamentally changes his goods I'll be buying all my kits from him since I believe in his products that much. I hope he's reading this because anything bad I've said about his products is just in the hope that he can improve and make the most excellent stuff around even better. Staton's the man, at least you get a 10 word email from him. Some vendors will just say your kit is "as is" and thats it even if they're made of chinese pot metal. This is not the case with Statons goods. His engineering takes into account the continual beating these systems take. Who else gives a lifetime guarantee on ANYTHING they sell. Deal with the lack of communication. I'm sure he's just busy somebodys order is being made to perfection rather than answering things that he feels should be obvious. and I agree.

    Oh, did I mention, the new friction drive I ordered for my girlfriends bike looks most excellent. The whole package was listed as 19lbs of pure goodness. It came with everything and not even a scratch. As advertised with perfectly finished pieces in about a week and I'm betting my girl will love it... Even if she doesn't I will :)
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