Is it possible? And How??

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    Hello. My name is Nate. I am new to the motorized bike world. I want to purchase a mountain bike and have a shop here in Florida put a 49cc engine on it.

    According to the person who builds the bikes, He said I am limited on which mountain bikes I can use. He said I have to get one with the Thumb trigger shifter if I want to keep my gears for regular riding. Is this true? All the bikes i've looked at that I like are the twist gear shifter. If I throw an engine on one of these bikes will I not be able to save my gears for regular pedling?

    Any feedback would be great. In a perfect world I'd like 21 speeds for pedling, and an engine. Can this work? Thanks

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    You just need a non-esp shimano 7 speed trigger shifter with V-brake.
    I bought one in like new condition of ebay for $15. The other option is to put the grip shifter on the other side of the handlebars.You could go without it but trigger shifters are my preference anyway.